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    Howdy. Why noone explored the possibility offered by wound and flourish combo? Like a spikeQRune gold deck with flourish units? I do not have quite units to do it, but in future I hope to collect them!



    Probably because defense is too common nowadays. Illian/Ray is probably a better unit to use, but why not just build wound-knockout?



    Tried a couple of times…

    Wounds/Knockout better value for money since it take the opponent unit permanently out of play (ie anything from 3 attack to 12 attack from the batlleline).
    The best that flourish can do is just double 4 if the unit in front is wound, ie 8 attack. And no guarantee that you will be able to wound that position away, ie move defence to that point.



    I’ve put a squire (+3) on a flourish (4) that hides below a wounder like Rune or Spike to good effect. Becomes flourish (7) = 14 with the bonus. I think anyway… I know the number showing on the unit in the flourish box was 7, I didn’t catch the damage floating up to confirm.



    nah flourish doesn’t double damage, it just adds 4. So it’d be 3+4 + 4= 11 attack power

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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