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    A question I am attempting to resolve is; are decks that utilise the Flare ability effective? I’ve attempted to build a Flare deck but I’m either missing some element of strategy necessary to effectively use the ability, or I’m missing some unit that might pull it all together (probably both).

    I’ve never fought any army that utilises Flare, but does anyone have a Flare deck they’d be happy to share?

    Flare units I possess;
    Viath x2
    Brodie x2
    Kemp x1
    Finch x2

    What can I make of these?



    Me & Lone Ant have been testing it out, mostly as wood or crystal disruption armies. It definitely has potential, but we’ll need to test it moar first.



    When I was testing out my Blight + Drain Commander deck, a Flare deck was one of the only decks that beat me that week. There have been other decks since then that have beaten my Blight deck, but Flare can be quite effective when used well.

    It’s a tricky, but potentially powerful ability. You need to really take a lot of care with how you build a Flare deck and how you play your units. I don’t have enough flare units to have done a lot of first hand testing with it yet, but you should definitely play around.

    I notice that there tends to be a big difference between light, cheap Flare units like Finch/Kemp, and powerful expensive Flare units like Viath/Brodie. They can still be used in the same deck, but they play very differently. I would tend to recommend using Kemp and Finch in cheap decks where you don’t intend to put many of your units in the front row, while using Brodie and Viath as extra wounding power in a more mid to late game oriented deck.

    Try incorporating Kemp and Finch into an otherwise ordinary Fox Rush deck. You will suddenly find that you have far greater disruption abilities than before. Try to keep Diugs in front and not even bother with putting anybody in your back row as much as possible.

    I haven’t really encountered a lot of super effective decks with Brodie or Viath, but I’m sure they are possible. For my money, cheap well placed Flare is where it’s at.



    Thanks for the feedback, Xyn. I’ve incorporated the small dragons into my fox rush deck, and I can see how flare works now. Not sure how I’ll ever use Viath and/or Brodie in a deck though. However, I think these large flare units are a lot more balanced than having that many wound or that many front row fireball for the same cost, so at least I can appreciate that. I think I’ll stick with gold for high wound decks until some more wood or gold cards come out that are complimentary to Viath and Brodie.



    In my experience, Kemp has been really handy for stalling the enemy until I can start rolling out huge units. Viath is a great back row wounder, but can still be foiled by a front row heavy blocker.



    I’ve been able to make good use of the small dragons as part of a fox rush deck. It’s proven quite effective.

    I admit I’m still highly uncertain about using Viath or Brodie with any of my other units currently, but it may just be that I lack the appropriate other UR’s to flesh out a useful high cost flare deck.



    Just done some more testing, & transform doesn’t let you transform into units you knocked out with flare :( Dunno if bug or not.

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