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    Would it help matters for us forum-goers to type up some map ideas?



    I’d love to hear some map ideas. Feel free to start a thread! :-)



    (Nevermind, made a derp here)

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    @silverthorn: lol

    Boss name: Clumsy Knight
    Description: He ran downhill with his shiny armor and sword in front of his head, taunting enemies before their defeat. He tripped.
    Ice towers requirements: 1 Dull Armor, 1 Shadow Armor, 1 Shining Armor.
    Reward: 1 Worker Duplex, 2 Wood Path.

    Boss name: Cheap Pirate.
    Description: He decided rowboat was enough for him. Attacking a fleet of battleships didn’t go as planned.
    Ice towers requirements: 1 Spyglass, 1 Rowboat, 4 Gunship.
    Reward: 1 Catapult.

    Boss name: Whacked Witch
    Description: She was just finishing her latest poisonous mixture. She tasted a bit to see if it works. It worked!
    Ice towers: 2 Poison Necklace, 2 Death Powder, 1 Wine of Death
    Reward: 2 Slow Train Station, 2 Tracks, 1 Wooden Path

    I know, descriptions and names are a bit dumb, but hey, I’m not in my creative mode right now. Anyways, this is good bye for some time, so try to make these(or similar) maps!



    @fichom, yeah, your ideas are akin to what I thought was my derp.

    Initially I’d posted a link to the old boss ideas thread, since I seemed to remember its existence:
    (It also had the idea with the three armors – that one just needs to be created eventually, it’s too self-evident :) )

    Upon rereading the preceding posts, though, I think they weren’t strictly talking about ideas for boss requirements, but general ideas for… map modi, maybe curse conditions as well and things such as two- and four-player maps, different difficulty categories, or things like the Fog of War that was suggested at one point:

    So we don’t yet have a thread that encompasses all of that, and it may be wise to make a new thread to collect them, since the ideas would surely get lost in the nature of this thread. :)



    A Map Idea:

    Ghost of the Starving Artist
    8 Players
    Hard / Expert Difficulty

    Boss Altars (in Clockwise order):
    Fire Bread
    Fire Bread

    -1 Food
    -1 Food
    +1 Stone
    +1 Stone

    +1 Food Territory – Requires Pottery (Between Players)
    +1 Food Territory – Requires Pottery (Between Players)
    +1 Food Territory – Requires Jewelry (Between Players)
    +1 Food Territory – Requires Jewelry (Between Players)
    +1 Food All – Requires Stone Bust (At the ‘back’ spot where there is usually a design made by resources)
    +1 Food All – Requires Stone Bust (At the ‘back’ spot)



    As long as we’re hijacking…

    Ghost of Ten Lords a’ Leaping
    10 Players
    Easy Difficulty

    Boss Altars: 5 (Golden?) Rings

    Curses: None, probably. OR, could be fun if it were None of any resources but gems.



    Well I saw Silverthorn mentioning fog of war. And I like it. Make a “night version” of a map, with everything blacked out. You don’t see anything(not even the boss and his position) except your own and territory of other players. Fire Towers would melt and reveal the map(only the part they melted would be revealed). Also, 2 new items could be introduced: Street Lamp and Reflector(just random names, what they do is important). Players could place those to remove fog of war in certain range, and they could also be placed on frozen regions(thus removing more fog of war). You could place them only in range of some other Fire Tower or Lamp.

    Street lamp:
    Size: 1×1
    Price: 50,000(+5000), 600 Crowns
    Range: 3

    Size: 1×1(maybe 2×2)
    Price: 250,000(+70,000), 1300 Crowns
    Range: 9



    Back on topic :-)

    We just finished a Disco Queen a couple days ago. That is an excellent map, and even with several very good players, we had to pull out some neat tricks to win. The best was this: we had one player set up a basic raw goods loop, then go AFK for the rest of the game. When putting together the absinthe for the boss, Peter managed to steal food off the AFKer’s delivery route, which proved key to getting the flatbread produced.

    It kind of got me thinking, though, and now I’m pretty skeptical of the recipe upgrades, especially the ones that simplify recipes. I think that if one of us had level 30 flatbread (and/or crockpots, sundials, etc), the game would have been much duller. We would have knocked the whole thing out in a day or so, and that would be that.

    I think this is going to cause more balance problems down the line. I mentioned the railroad imbalance in a different post, and I think this is similar. If map is challenging for a group that has players who can build simplified recipes, then it’s going to be frustratingly impossible for a random group of players. And if it’s challenging for a group with no access to simplified recipes (like we were in Disco Queen), then I think it will be not fun for high-level players.

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