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    I really enjoy AB but I am having difficulty understanding how the final score bonuses are applied. Sometimes they receive a line item at the end, sometimes multiple bears are counted but others, when I have multiple final score bonus bears, it does not count them. I cannot find this specifically listed in any instructions. Would someone please let me know how this works as specifically as you are able? Thank you!


    It sounds like you are getting confused between Final Score Bonus (henceforth, “FSB”) and line items for the bears. (Don’t feel bad; it is confusing.)

    This page has more information on the Final Score Bonus:

    This page has more information on the line items for the bears:

    This page says kind of the same thing, but shows you how to prove that a bear’s FSB is contributing:

    As you should understand after reading those pages:

    – Whether a bear gets a line item has nothing to do with whether the FSB was applied.

    – When you do see a line item, the points credited there are for points earned by the bear’s secondary power. If you have a zero there or are missing a line item, it means that you didn’t use the bear’s secondary power to directly earn points. It doesn’t mean anything about whether the FSB is or isn’t getting applied.

    – The FSB is being applied before the line items are added up, so you don’t see it getting applied again after the line items are added up–that would be double-counting it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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