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    Hi to everyone!

    I’ve found a Brodie in my Christmas Core Pack!

    Happy to find him, I tried to build a fighter deck to use his ability….any suggestions?

    I’ve got two Remi and two Oberos, 2 Anton and a Teak!

    Two Mull for the economy…because Hybrid Deck for Brodie is essential, isnt’it?

    Have someone of you tried to create a deck with Brodie and the fighters? Have you got suggestions? Is better tu use The Den or Outiffter?

    These days I realize that to create this deck is very, very difficult…!!!

    Thank you, and have a nice 2014 to all of you :-)




    I’d go for the outfitter; it allows the best economic starts with Duig + Remi/Harden.

    >Hybrid Deck for Brodie is essential

    If you happen to have Drion however, you should be able to use titan ridge, with Obs, that’s something I’d really like to see.

    I’d reccomend Joliens too, & if you’re turning this into a rush, perhaps even Mirault (played by Ob)

    To be on the safe side for economy, (& basing this off my spike & blight army {uses outfitter}) go 2 Duig, 2 Harden, 2 Mull, 2 Ob, 2 Oberos, 2 Remi, & maybe a Slog or too. Hammots are good if you have them, but I don’t, so perhaps you could experiment with that.

    If you have Horus replace the hardens with Johns, and Hammot will love you more.



    Ok, thank you!

    So I’ve got:

    2 Mull, 2 Hammot, 2 Diug, 2 Harden, 2 Ob

    2 Oberos, 2 Remi, 2 Anton, 2 Jolien

    Brodie….mmm I don’t know, I need to try…there’s too less attack power: it’s a medium attack power that I can use only after many turns, too many turns, maybe.

    My commander is a Fighter, I can try to turn him into a 5 attack + 3 defense in front row, to make it a good Fighter-deck Unit :-)



    I feel I bit iffy with the Antons, since you have no way of wounding you opponent’s units. (except flare 4)

    If you’re not using Drion, nor Mirault, I suggest you remove Ob.



    I’m really upset…my deck si not a rush deck, is not a powerful deck too, because

    2 Oberos, 2 Remi, Teak, a Jolien, with Brodie supporting them in back row is not a great attack point.

    I’m trying to convert my commander to have attack in front row.

    Do you think is the only thing I can do?

    There’re no so powerful fighter creature at the moment, or I’m not able to see the real power of the great Oberos?




    Well, tbh, I think Brodie’s front is simply better than his back. Its a Draiga with out the rampage shenanigans. I think Brodie would be better fitted if he doubled the atk of fighters, instead of giving a flat 2.

    Welp, we tried…..although I would like to try fighters & farmers a bit more………

    EDIT: Scott, ur UP atm XD

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