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    I see. Thanks for the info. I tried deleting my local save files again just now, and Steam Cloud restored my previous progress. So it’s definitely working in some cases although perhaps not in all cases. One possibility is that it’s not working for Windows XP specifically; I believe that the file system is managed a bit differently on that platform (I’m on a Windows 7 machine).

    Unfortunately if the game is always starting from the beginning then following the steps I described doesn’t necessarily tell us anything unless you completed an entire lesson in the tutorial. (Progress in the tutorial isn’t saved except at certain points in the tutorial–basically after the completion of each lesson–to ensure that a new player doesn’t forget what he’s learned until after he’s finished the entire lesson.) If you did complete the entire lesson; please let us know–that would prove that the Steam Cloud isn’t working for you.

    Also, please email and reference this thread. We can send you a data file that is past the tutorial, so that saving will take place each time you quit the game. If you use it and the steps I gave above still don’t work, then we’ll know for certain that Steam Cloud isn’t working on your computer.



    I bought unlimited turns in my cell phone (XT890) but it’s broken. Now, I have another cell phone, it’s the same model of the previous (XT890) and I’m using the same google acount, but I don’t have unlimited turns anymore.

    When I click “Bougth unlimited turns and extra maps”, I receive: “This item is yours already”, but it’s not!

    Could you help me please?

    (sorry for the English.. I’m brazilian, thanks a lot)


    What you’ve described is correct; you have to press a special button to restore your purchase. Please follow the directions on this page to do so:



    HI there – love the game! I was wondering if there was an update on porting the extra modes (Capital City, etc) to iOS? It looks you were planning to port it back in 2012, I’d love to have access to the whole game. Thanks!


    Unfortunately, while that was the plan initially, we later decided to take the mobile game in a different direction than the (now retired) Facebook/Google+ and PC/Mac versions. The Capital City is currently available only on the PC/Mac version, which is available from Amazon, GOG, and Steam, and we are currently not planning to bring the Capital City to mobile. I am very sorry about the change in direction.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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