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    If you’re looking for help with Triple Town, the fastest way to get help is to check out our FAQ. Most of our common technical support and gameplay issues are addressed here! :)



    Hi Ania. I’m not sure if this is the right topic to post this in, but I have two questions for you:

    Are there any thoughts as to whether or not “unlimited turns”, purchased from the Android Marketplace (or whatever they call it now), will be applied to the internet version of the game? In particular, I use Google+ when playing on a desktop, so you already have access to the username that I bought the unlimited turns with.

    I enjoy Capital City. Will that feature of the internet version of Triple Town be ported to the Android version?



    Unfortunately all the platforms have their own rules. If we could make it a streamlined experience between platforms, we totally would. More on the subject here:

    Capital City update will be launched on mobile once we have all the quirks worked out in the web version. We will need to completely re-work the UI on top of the normal “porting” pains, and we are a very small studio! :)



    Understandable. If you guys need any help, let me know. I do more back-end work, but Android is an interesting environment to build for.


    Cheshyr Pontchartrain

    Will you be updating the Kindle version of Triple Town to work with Paperwhites? Most of my purchased games have been ported, but none of Spry Fox’s. :(


    Unfortunately, due to a variety of issues that we have no control over, Triple Town will not be coming to the Paperwhite in the near future. I’m sorry that I don’t have better news for you.

    -Scott (Spry Fox Support)



    Hello- I purchased the full version of Triple Town several months ago for use on my Kindle Fire. I experienced problems with my Fire and Amazon replaced it. I downloaded the app again from my cloud but it gave me only the free, limited version, not the full paid version. I no longer have the receipt for the purchase. Am I out of luck? Thank you for your help.


    No, you’re not out of luck. :) What you’ve described is the correct behavior for this app. Now that you’ve reinstalled the game, please follow the instructions on this page to restore your purchases:

    (Note to other players: that link is specific to the Kindle Fire. The generic link for restoring your purchases is:

    If that doesn’t work, please email us at so we can investigate.

    -Scott (Spry Fox Support)



    I purchased the unlimited turns game on my droid cell phone. I recently purchased a kindle fire. Is there a way to transfer the game from my cell phone to my kindle or do i need to purchase it on my kindle also


    Unlimited Turns transfer for free between other devices that use the same app market (e.g., Google Play or Amazon Appstore), but they don’t transfer across app markets. Since your existing purchase is from Google Play and the Kindle Fire uses Amazon Appstore, the Unlimited Turns won’t transfer and you’ll have to make another purchase to get them on your Fire.

    -Scott (Spry Fox Support)


    Dawn Lamond

    ‘ello! :)

    Love Triple Town. I had to reinstall it on the same phone (android) I bought it on, and it’s not showing my purchases. I bought it through Google Play but they said In-App purchases are to be handled by the app creators. I see you have iOS reinstatement instructions, but you specifically say Not for Android!

    So, how about the instructions for Android?

    Thanks! :)
    – Dawn

    Neeeeeeevermind – found it under settings. Duh. :)

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    @dawn I’m glad that you found it. For anyone else looking for the instructions for restoring your purchases, here they are:

    – iTunes (purchases made for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch):
    – Amazon (purchases made for the Kindle Fire family of products):
    – Google Play (purchases made for all other Android devices):



    I bought game for steam – and steam cloud dosen’t work :/


    @eupawel Can you tell us the steps you performed that brought you to this conclusion? I just did the following which worked for me:

    1. Sign in to Steam.
    2. Launch Triple Town from within Steam and make some progress.
    3. Exit from Triple Town.
    4. Wait until Steam said that syncing was complete.
    5. Rename the saved game files stored locally on my computer so the game can’t find them.
    6. Launch the game again.
    7. Confirmed that I had not lost any progress. I.e., the saved game must have been downloaded from Steam Cloud.



    YES. I can. I run game via steam everytime on windows xp. I already experience this no cloud isse every time when I recover system to “factory copy” and instal game. Game starts from beggining (0% and goal 2500) – no any way for contiuned than copy old save files from “C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\TripleTown\saves\103417920” after system recovery.

    After steps which You listed game also starts from 0 – I can’t continued coz steam dosen’t ask about anything.

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