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    When I joined the game, a potion of death factory was churning out potions in my territory. I left it where it was and built around, since I’m only a level 6 and can’t select that recipe yet. Later on, I attempted to restore a snapshot, and the potion of death factory forgot it’s recipe. I was unable to reset that recipe, and I have a hole in my production since that factory setup can’t produce any goods. Did that happen because I didn’t place the factory? I left it as it was if you want to take a look http://leapdaygame.com/index.html?observe=Pub_5ff1792c-762f-41ff-9f30-e4832152a742&player=7&x=52&y=81



    Also, it would be nice if you could reset the potion of death factory. I would really appreciate it.


    Cake of Pain

    Thanks for letting us know about the snapshot bug! We’ll get that fixed soon.

    I’ve given your prince access to the Potion of Death recipe so you can continue your game.



    Thank you so much! That was a really fast response too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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