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    Hey guys, this is my F2P Deck. Just looking for some ideas, and ways to improve. Thanks!

    Ramm x 2
    Tarim x 1
    Hale x 1
    Kobi x 1
    Arthur x 1

    Evelyne x 1
    Jolien x 1

    Harden x 2
    Johnn x 1
    Jonas x 1

    Oakley x 2
    Lapp x 1
    Willem x 1
    Domino x 1

    lol this is prob really bad, but thanks for feedback :P
    Hey, post your decks here too, we can all try to help you as well.



    All those MISC units are wasting you time in getting your max damage out with the Arthur in the back.

    Oakley is not worth the 9 Gold. Lapp isn’t worth the gold either. Willem, while great for maximizing knight damage and fantastic at blocking Durant arrows, may become a liability showing up on your first turn, instead of a gold producer. Domino is ok now with Forest and their frailness, so you can keep him, but I’m not sure about it 100%. So see how it goes.

    What you do need to add is a Bran, which I think you have.

    This is my Knight deck:

    1 Ramm
    1 Tarim (Would remove this one if I had an extra Ramm)
    2 Hale
    1 Kobi
    2 Arthur

    2 Epherius (Would exchange on for an Evlyn, If I had one)

    2 Harden
    1 Bran
    1 Jonas
    1 Yorn
    1 Gernt
    1 Vince
    (I would remove Vince and Bran, if I had 2 Johnns. Would also add a Horus, if I had one)

    2 Durant
    1 Morgrat (Not sure about this one, but he’s mostly helpful against early multi-wounders like Rune and Payne and then is great for his Windfall)



    remove everything in misc and add durant if you have him.



    Sorry, had to make new account- old one glitched.
    Thanks so much, but I dont have a lot of the units you mentioned, but I added the Oakleys and misc because I was ending up with very little power, and getting only in the 50s in the late game. Other then that, I agree 100%, because I don’t have many cards I am pretty limited. But… Soon I’m getting some more packs (F2P, but I still earn them :D)
    Why add gernt though?



    You are aiming for high end game damage,
    A f2p deck will usually (always?) be inferior to your opponents in terms of end endgame
    Instead, guys here propose (and rightfully) that you switch to the speed oriented deck, which due to card concentration will keep the pressure on your opponent each turn.

    what if you could muster those 50 damage 2 turns earlier than you opponent? It usually translates to a win.

    – Oakley is a very bad card, his damage/cost ratio is very very low. Additionally, he has no other useful traits than attack (no defense, no backrow ability, nothing)
    – Domino – single wound for 3 gold does not mean anything, even if you’re able to wound something, a single healer will nullify domino.
    – Willem – as previously mentioned, turn 1 willem means that your economy is not growing, which makes your deck slower, instead of faster
    – Lapp – He’s actually most debatable imho, but for his cost, the backrow ability is just not worth it and front row damage is lacking.
    – Gernt on the other hand, often overlooked is used to achieve speed. his 1g + windfall gives you 4 gold in the next turn he’s put in play OR he can protect your units against multi wounders such as spike and rune.

    in endgame your front row should look something like this


    that gives you good damage (41) and great wound protection.
    However speed is the key!

    Once you grow you’ll have more room to manouver.



    True Dat about Lapp… He’s ok, but not for a purposed deck. And should I put in another multi wound? Rune? Let me know.
    I probably overreacted that ONE time an opponent beat me from behind because of lacking lategame damage, haha.
    Also, definately right on speed deck. I’m going to lose against even slightly more paying players, because they will use the high endgame or speed deck as well, which will always beat a slow F2P deck. Finally- Would you add Herold?
    – tempest



    I added herold to mine and hes helpful vs multi wound and for the added dmg, does mess up some draws though. Was awful nice sitting at 14 cards…



    How Much does he cost jacks?



    Ramm x 2
    Tarim x 2
    Hale x 2
    Kobi x 2 (as a producers at the beginning and push when we get 2 Arthurs)
    Arthur x 2 (Arthur is more expensive now lol)

    Epherius x 1or2

    2 Harden
    2 Johnn
    2 Horus
    2 Durant(Mostly on the front row, put it back when use Horus’s “farmer king” to gather gold )

    i have played this deck for a long time(2-3 month)and its really excellent
    Gives (8+8)+(8+8)+(3+8)+(3+8)+(3+8)+(3+8)+(3+8)=89 damage in max
    but i start try to use burnout&forest deck(crystal and wood) recently, it can take nearly 200 damage sometimes lol
    and Crystal&Forest steal deck also a great idea

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