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    Is there an explanation of what various special totems and items do?

    I just bought a legendary booster pack and got
    – 50 Mana Temples
    – 50 Spirits Bars
    – 50 Poetry Schools
    – 50 Spyglass Factories
    and 1 Altar of Water Drawing.

    However I don’t know what any of them do. Does anyone know or can you tell me where I can look?




    Mana Temple makes mana. Spirits Bar makes spirits. Spyglass Factory makes spyglasses. (These are the new crafting buildings that you can use instead of a factory.)

    Concerning the altar of water drawing, it will tell you in a mouseover once you place it (though there really should be one in the vault :/ ). It will most likely require you to feed it certain crafted items each day, which will unlock its power – judging from the name, likely it will reduce the value of water by a number of %, but let you harvest x more water out of every pond. These altars are more or less replacements for the old totems/emblems.

    Regarding the poetry school, I don’t have the slightest, but do tell once you try it! Maybe it’s a crafting building for Writ of Seduction ;)
    Hope that helps a bit anyway.



    So a mana temple makes mana, do I pass it perfume and polished gems?

    If so, what is the benefit of that over a factory. They’re both 10K?

    The Altar of Water Drawing says “Satisfy this shrine and receive its blessing.”

    As for the poetry school, the icon does look like the Writ of Seduction.

    So I guess I am wondering what the benefit of these things are?



    I’m not sure what you have to feed the mana temple, it might be working with the old recipe – either way it will show you what it wants clearly with nice icons rotating above it once you place it, like the ring/necklace etc. factories do.

    And you should get a different/explanatory mouseover for the Altar once you place it, as I said, and it will also show you with nice icons what you have to feed it. The mouseover in the vault (the one you cited) is useless at the moment, sadly.

    So what are the benefits of the new crafting buildings? Well, you’re not the only one wondering – we’re not really sure at the moment.

    The devs have said, I believe, that they mean for these to make crafting more easily accessible for beginners, since you don’t have to learn anything about actual factories to use them.
    Some of the crafting buildings retained the old recipes, so if you preferred those, that would be an advantage. Also the one definite advantage they do have currently is that they don’t accept any items other than the ones they need, so you don’t have to filter out that one pesky wood/whatever that happens to be in the delivery circle.



    Well I took a setup making 8 spyglasses and tried to stick the “Spyglass factory” in to it.

    However because I can’t turn the new factories like a basic factory it reduced me from 2360/day to 560/day.

    I appreciate that they don’t accept the other materials, but the flans do so you end up having wasted flans carrying unused materials or you filter them out yourself.

    Sorry, I’m a little bitter. I had been saving my crowns to see what was in one of the booster packs. Took me awhile and in the end I will probably never use these.

    Want a good factory, give me one that accepts the 3 elements of glass in any order and spits it out.

    For me personally that was a waste of 600 crowns. Lesson learned.

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