Explain Vyros to me.

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    Got my third legendary, and he will be the third legendary I probably won’t be using for anything good.

    http://ccgmatrix.com/highgrounds for reference

    3 front drain’s pretty sweet, but he transforms after.

    3 blood rage is gimmicky but could be appealing in the right deck; still, for high-level play, probably not suitable.

    He just doesn’t seem to be worth the 11C cost.



    But he looks cool……….

    (As a devil’s advocate) I’m noticing that a lot of crystal’s powerhouse units require constant rehiring (Anrick, Gaeis, etc), the only exception really is Jimein. Vyros on the other hand, gives you a free unit before he dies, so that’s good.

    But seriously, if you play around enough with him, the devs will get more data on whether he’s OP or not & balance him accordingly.



    who are your other legendaries?



    Well Sigil has got to be one of them, and I’m guessing the other is maybe Xane? Or maybe Faulk. All of the other Legendaries have virtue, although a few like Tally or Melvar could be tough to use without the appropriate supporting units.

    3 Drain for 11 crystal is actually a pretty good deal (assuming Drain heals the way it’s supposed to), so the front row seems solid to me… It’s just a little bit situational. I do like that it’s not Vanish, so you aren’t forced to lose her right away.

    The problem I see is that, if you’re not using her front row, you’re stuck with her back row, and Blood Rage seems kind of underwhelming to me.

    Put it this way: Celina has Blood Rage as well… How often do you see Celina anywhere but the front row?

    If I had a Celina or a Vyros I’d try playing around to see if I could get a Blood Rage deck working competitively, but so far nothing I’ve seen indicates it works well.

    In theory, you could get up to +6 attack on every unit in your front row if they all shared a type with the 3 units sacrificed in the back row, but you could only have 6 units in the front row, and unlike Arthur, you couldn’t have a 2nd Vyros in back without reducing your front row to 3, and the 2nd Vyros would only sacrifice 2 units. Considering these limitations, and the fact that you have to rehire sacrificial units each turn, I’m thinking that Blood Rage needs to either add +2 attack per sacrificed unit and +1 more for shared types, or +1 attack per sacrificed unit and +2 more for shared types. Maybe even +2 and +2, but it’s always better to start with small buffs.

    In the meanwhile, I’d do like Impronoucabl says and play around with it. See if you can get sacrifice working at all for you, and if not at least you’re giving the devs some data on how it’s not working.

    But Blood Rage is the key to all of this. Vyros front row, while a little funky, is a good deal, and would make a great surprise move after having used her mostly in the back row. But, like Arthur and Driaga and Ashara, Vyros focus needs to be on the back row, and right now that seems to be where the trouble lies. Get Blood Rage working well, and not only will Vyros become a highly competitive unit, but Celina may actually get some fun new uses as well.



    Barion, Faulk, Vyros. Am I right?

    Blood Rage would work better if there were more cheap warlords. Imagine Gamble Blood Rage, tho.

    Build a Squire Gamble Blood Rage deck.



    Nah: faulk, tally, vyros. Tally isn’t useless, but I don’t use her for competitive play.

    I’ll try to build a bloodlusty deck soon.



    Thoughts after making Vyros deck:

    I underrated him; he can actually be quite good. However, playing him “for” bloodrage is probably not a good idea, especially since it’s buggy. (more on that in a sec)

    His front’s incredible. I rush to high resource and drop the Vyros bomb on them. Problems? Sure, lots of defense or front-centric resource production, but the transform ensures that even if I only take out one unit, at least it wasn’t for naught. His front’s perfect.

    Bloodrage is another story. Firstly, it’s buggy, or poorly worded: I had both a skeleton AND wisp sacrificed to bloodrage, but my front-row Urn did not get a +2 buff, just +1 for each. 3 bloodrage is usually not helpful anyway: by the time you want to do it, you probably want a full frontline, and you may even want to take advantage of a rampage unit. So yeah, bloodrage 2 and maybe something else on the back would help, but BR’s description is so long that it’s not practical.

    If BR is not supposed to work that way, then I must try to find a unit that is either “warlord” or “vampire” to take advantage of the +2/+2. If that’s true, he’s even less useful on back.

    Play him front nearly exclusively, the opponent will likely be very confused as to why their backrow’s suddenly very useless, because they didn’t catch the Vyros in time to understand.



    Yeah, BR is working as intended, you have to sacrifice a vampire for the double buff. (or a warlord if you can afford one.) Good candidates include Impe, & Mirault.

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