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    On the 9 year of my fourth career the game stopped working, it freezes on the load screen and if I try to close the application crashes with error 34878-0.

    I was on my 5th career, had 193 of 200 secrets and almost all NPCs on my basement. I really don’t wan’t to start a new game from scratch.

    I put a video showing the problem and my savegame on a Dropbox Folder.

    Hope can fix somehow, I spent more than 20 hours to reach this point in the game.


    We’ve seen this bug before. The problem is probably one of your equipped objects – specifically the goblet. if you swap out some charms, you should be able to find a combination that lets you enter the forest. Sorry about that!



    Oh thanks!

    I removed the goblet and successfully entered to the forest. Thank you very much for the fast response.

    Looking fordward for those 7 secrets to fully unlock the Book of Secrets ^^

    Thanks for the game, it’s beautiful, entertaining and challenging.

    Also nice move on enabling gay marriage ;)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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