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    Hi everyone,

    Quick announcement about some major changes to the way loot works in Leap Day. First and foremost: every time you beat a boss, you will have a chance to win some crowns (a random amount.) We felt it was important for non-paying users to have a way to earn enough crowns to buy stuff, even if it takes a long time. Secondly, each boss now has a small chance to drop an item that can ONLY be acquired by defeating that specific boss or by purchasing booster packs. Some expert level bosses have a small chance to drop ultra-rare loot that can’t even be found in booster packs, so if you *really* want that item, you’ve got to beat that specific boss to get it.

    Happy hunting! :-)



    Awesome. I was hoping this would eventually be the case. I think it’s also really important for those time when you’re just a few crowns short and don’t want to buy a whole other pack.



    A question related to crowns: Is the market going to come back? Right now, it appears the only option for me to spend crowns on is a new heir. I did buy the pack that came with a new heir 3 inventory slots and a booster pack a while back. I don’t know if that’s related to the market vanishing or if it is gone on purpose or is a bug of some kind. I posted a separate thread too the other day, but haven’t received a reply yet.

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    You should be able to get to the market through the vault in the game. The button on the main screen went away for a moment however. Something more obvious will be back.



    Dan, this might be different from what Kheldar is referring to, but Ireported a bug a few days ago about the market being a bit out of sorts. It shows the top 4 items but doesn’t let you scroll down any further. This means the only items available to buy are booster packs and keys.



    Ah, thank you. I never had used that method for getting there in the past. I always got there from the main screen before.



    Hmm… as nice as winning crowns is, a 4-day Cougarina (expert-level) win gave me 10 crowns and *nothing* else. That doesn’t even help towards replacing the totems we used to win. It seems remarkably stingy.



    I agree with snapdragon. after winning Cougarina out reward was 20+10 crowns – some totems would have been nice as well!



    Sorry to have to sing the same tune here, but our reward for finishing Mr. Jones today was 10 crowns as well and nothing else. After how much time, dedication and flanblood that took, it feels a little bit like a slap in the face, even though it was a very fun game allover.



    Going to have to agree on this one – I think the randomizer might need a bit of a smacking. We just got 20+10 crows for defeating the Twins, and I used a key to get 400k gold in the same game.

    While I love that there is a chance to get crowns, in the end I would rather get my loot from defeating the (mini)bosses than saving up to buy booster packs. Awesome twins game though!



    However, mini/bosses can’t give you inventory slots or new heirs.

    So yes, it should be more random, but earning crowns is a good thing.

    I’m trying to get an inventory slot, i have 160 right now, need 700 D:



    In my opinion, main bosses should always reward at least one item with the rarity potential of that item being dependent on the difficulty of the boss. The crowns they drop should be in addition to the item or items.

    I also think that mini-bosses should always drop a bag of gold for the current game (partly to make up for the gold one is losing from not completing their towers) with a good chance for an item instead of one or the other. The amount of gold and rarity-potential for the item should be based on the difficulty of the mini-boss. If a key was used to unlock a mini-boss, I would also like it if the person who spent the key gets gold plus a guaranteed item (which has a chance to be another key).



    So I am guessing that there are some tweaks happening to the reward system at the moment? I just got 50 crows from defeating the ghost of the zealous explorer (single player simple), and got almost double the crowns compared my Twins game. Not sure how to properly balance the rewards, but I think it needs another pass :)



    I have to say the Crowns as rewards is quickly hurting my motivation to play. As a player who has purchased crowns already, these rewards are virtually worthless (the reward for my first level was *literally* a dime? I wouldn’t bend down to pick a dime off the ground if I saw one…). The only meaningful loot (to me) in a level now comes from the minibosses, and the last 4 maps I’ve played I’ve not managed to be able to participate in any of them (the last 2 because all unlocked ones were all cleared by the time I entered the map).

    I do understand the importance of non-paying players to be able to do approximately all of the same things a paying customer can do, but perhaps there’s a better way. Most games tackle this by having a paid currency (here, Crowns), and an earned currency (here, effectively totems), and a a way to exchange between the two*. We can already buy random draws of totems, if selling totems for crowns was added, then the loot could still be the “interesting” rewards of totems, but allow people to sell them for crowns.

    * Usually those exchanges are between players and make for a fluid economy as players decide how much they’re willing to pay for various things, though I don’t feel that aspect fits the design of this game particularly well – if I could just go and search and buy an Angle Crane whenever I was playing a level that I needed one, that doesn’t feel anywhere near as fun as knowing I’ve just got 2 of them left in my inventory and making the interesting decision of whether or not to use one of them.



    I’m curious, has anyone received ultra-rare loot from an expert level boss? I’ve been hoping and waiting, but I haven’t received anything but crowns in the past two months from bosses. Now the only loot seems to come from mini-bosses. I try to share those as much as possible, but I notice some folks (even established players) lunge at them solo making it hard to get any loot from a map. Share the love!

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