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    It has happened several times where my quest rewards are 2 of the same trail token, and even though I was given 2 of the same token I only gained one. It’s even wrong on the reward screen. Just yesterday 2 of my 3 rewards said, “Collected 13 of 15 needed to unlock Energy Blaze Trail”, but only one should have said “13 of 15”, and the next one should have said “14 of 15”. I know it’s not just a glitch in displaying rewards because if I go look at the menu it still only shows that I have 13 of that token.

    I have a screenshot of what happened but I don’t see any way to post it here. It’s kind of annoying because I would’ve unlocked the trail by now if not for that glitch.


    Sorry about the bug. We have a card on our bug board (amidst lots of other cards) for this issue. Several people have emailed us screenshots of this bug, so don’t worry about posting a screenshot.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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