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    I started playing this yesterday, rushed through the campaign, did a few runs of the AI daily event, and just started doing PvP. I feel like a lot of the people I’m being matched against spend money on this, and I’m unable to – my question, then, is should I even bother committing to PvP if I’m just going to get stomped by people who’ve spent $20+ on packs? This game feels really play-to-win but is also fairly enjoyable. Is there some sort of balance that I’m missing?



    Foxes are a smidge OP right now. Otherwise, most of the newer players tend to stick to the untimed matches (or so I’ve seen).
    As for spending money, I haven’t spent any at all, but still can make viable armies, it just takes time to build up a decent unit pool.



    Alright, guess I’ll just have to grind some to get decent units then.



    The devs have been tweaking around the reward system for the past few weeks. Once they get it back to normal, it shouldn’t be quite such a ridiculous grind to get units every week.

    It can take a while to build up a big collection or to get exactly the units you want, but you can get some pretty competitive decks going relatively quickly. It can be a really good learning experience, learning how to win with sub optimal decks. It will force you to get good at positioning your units and streamlining your decks as much as possible.

    if you want to skip ahead a little, you can spend money. But don’t expect to suddenly win easily if you spend money, as you’ll still have to build a good deck and play well, and you still may not have the units you want to build the exact deck you want. Unless you drop a ton of money and get access to every unit in the game, you’re still going to have to make a good deck out of what units you have available. You may not get the units for a Barbarian deck or a Burnout deck, but you will still be able to build some interesting and useful decks regardless.

    That’s why the game isn’t P2W. You can drop money and still lose, or you can play for free, grind for a few weeks, and start winning a lot. Those players who are beating you with a lot of ultra rares probably also are pretty good players as well, but with a few great units and some good deck building and playing skills, you’ll start pushing back strong.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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