Do you get more loot/XP for contributing more?

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    Do you get more loot/XP for contributing more?

    I ask because I was recently in a game that I was the first to join, and as such I got to the center first. I had 4 of the 8 items completed and being dropped off, and on one side I was blocked by someone else turning in an item, and on the other side there was a necklace that I didn’t have the gems to finish so I left it open until some of the other players would offer up some gems or take ones that I offered up.

    So I leave for 8 or 12 hours and come back, and get notified that about 5 or 6 of my towers had been demolished. Also, the guy who had also submitted an item to the other side of me had 3 or so towers demolished, and that also, we’d won!

    I checked the chat log and there was NO chat at all about demolishing towers. So it’s not like the other players decided they could do better than me and voted me off… it was all silent!

    So my only guess is that someone off to the side was just stacking up cash instead of trying for the win, invited two “alt” accounts of his to the game, voted all of the contributing towers off, put his own down, and then submitted gems from his alt accounts to himself to finish off the level getting some bonus loot for himself or whatever.

    Or is there another reason this might have happened?

    I unfortunately left the game already and didn’t get a link to it, so I can’t share, and I don’t remember who the guy was who took over all the space where I had built the contributing factories, but if I got cheated out of some loot or XP I’d like to know.



    You do not get more loot for contributing more. I’m honestly not certain about whether you get more xp or not, but I doubt it.

    I play with several friends and we consistently get very similar xp from levels, regardless of how much any given person may be contributing. We have never seen a variance in the qty of loot earned on a particular map completion. If one person gets say 4 pieces of loot, everyone does. Note that trains always come with track while still counting as one piece, so after a kill worth 3 pieces, one person might get Catapult x3 while another got Catapult x2 + Trains + Track.

    As for your towers getting destroyed, I have to admit I’m a bit confused as to why anyone would do that. If the altars are being completed without blocking access to the last one, there’s really not a good reason to blow up yours. I suppose on a more difficult level, if you built really inefficiently, they might need some resources you had claimed, but assuming this was the Baker (since you mentioned a necklace) that really shouldn’t be an issue either.

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