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    So, I’ve been playing this deck for a while now. Pylon decks are always good for a surprise :)

    It’s pretty tough to make; I don’t see a lot of substitutions you could make and still have it work. It’s also really, really evil once it gets ramped up.

    Here it is:


    • Qit (2x)
    • Mull (2x)
    • Diug (1x)
    • Taro (1x)
    • Ino (1x)
    • Drake (1x)
    • Demior (1x)
    • Payne (1x)
    • Scrapper (1x)
    • Tavi (1x)
    • Gorg (1x)
    • Ozgo (1x)
    • Lemore (1x)

    Total cards: 15

    Turns 1 and 2 are critical, you’ll draw a rat (Qit or Mull) or Diug on turn 1. Play the rat wherever they produce wood and play Diug in back for his recruit; the hope is that you’ll be able to play 2 or 3 additional producers on the following turn. Keeping track of the cards you’ve drawn so far and which cards are in your discard pile is critical; you need to know, statistically, whether you should place the rats in the front or back row and it all depends on the cards left in your deck before the reshuffle.

    The top end damage here is low, but I have yet to encounter a deck that can keep pace with the sheer hate this deck throws. Drake/Lemore in position 1 front/back, Payne and Scrapper in the front at 2 and 3, Tavi and gorg at 4 and 5 in front, Demior anywhere in the back… That’s a total denial of the first 5 positions in back PLUS wounding up to 4 units in front PLUS removing up to 3 units from play with reaper and knockout.

    Rampaging with a buff ass salamander to end the game is just plain mean. The whole deck, well, it’s EVIL. No better way to say it.

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    I look forward to trying this out, once I pick up the units I’m missing. (Pylon is hard without Qit.)



    This is just… wow… I laughed because I realized what it was you were doing from the start. Evil is an understatement. This has the potential to make even experienced players rage forfeit.



    So awesome. love it



    what can drake be replaced with?



    Drake’s a tough one to replace. You could try swapping in Durant, which would be nice for the (much) lower cost and backrow recruit, but your max front line potential drops off quite a bit and the extra heal in back can be really nice. You could also try for Dokken; still lower cost but backrow arrow doesn’t work quite as well for denial. Might still work.



    breadgrae whats your ingame name want to play a few rounds? Mine is agentgod

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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