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    As we’ve talked about in other threads, Steal is a bit underpowered if you end up stealing resources that you can’t make use of. Pylon, of course, lets you use resources of all types, so is there then a viable Pylon deck that uses Steal to it’s best effect?

    I’ve tried my hand with the following deck. It’s weak, but it can win if you have some lucky early draws. It has terrible max attack, so it’s imperative to disrupt opponent economy production throughout. Failing this, the deck will quickly get overpowered. Is this a viable strategy or is it doomed until hybrid cities get some help?

     photo Screenshot2013-12-24at112320AM_zpsb3bb6979.png

    Merith x1
    Harden x1
    Slog x1
    Urn x1

    Gage x2
    Berna x2

    Stag x2
    Loup x2
    Faiser x2

    You will draw the Merith on turn 1, which you should use in the front to produce 2 crystal. Your hope is to draw a Gage on both turns two and three to steal whatever resource your opponent is producing. As soon as you can sell Gages into Bernas, that should be done.

    Harden, Slog, or Urn should be used to produce resources you can not steal. By turn 4, you should be able to play two Rampage units of different resource types, duplicating them on turn 5.

    This deck would be a little more viable if there existed a Rampage wood resource. Loup’s triple wolfpack was the closest alternative I could find, but it’s not as powerful as Rampage if you can only get one of them out.



    send me two invites and I’ll test it against my matriarch and against my wound deck. User: fmsf

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    Nope, I have tried & tested this type of army before, and tuning the army tends towards to 2 results:
    1. A “main” faction of crystal, therby denying the bonus of steal vs other factions, OR
    2. A rush army, that doesn’t need the steal to begin with (but still uses it to keep the opponent behind.)

    A (former*) spirit/ knights/ foxes rush is interesting, but is hard to implement.




    What if you had a steal commander? Commanders are always hired with gold on shadow pylon, so you could increase your odds of hiring a unit with 2 steal. Only wood would be missing a dedicated steal unit.

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