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    As suggested by some forum members, this is the deck that I currently can best assemble with what I have on hand.

    Any suggestions on the strategies to play better without overhauling the deck?



    1. Remove Lapp. He’s terrible.
    2. Remove Spike. this is optional, and spike is great for winning, but he strikes fear into any non-veterans heart. unless you wan’t almost everyone you play against to hate you, remove him.
    other then that, its pretty good.



    I don’t think you need Kaite (just put Durant in the back and lower your deck size), Syl, or the second Evelyne. Why not remove Oakleys and Rile and use Knights as your main attackers?



    Thanks folks.

    Retune to be knight heavy with a choice to spike.

    Unfortunately, deck still not good enough, ran into someone who generate firepower of 91 in one turn with Shadebeasts and so on…..
    Don’t think I got a chance….



    Crystal Burnout? There’s definitely a chance.

    I would’ve been overpowered in a match today with my own Burnout if I didn’t have two Jimeins. I warned my opponent about Striker, and he put Arthur Hale Oakley Oakley in front, which meant I couldn’t burn out. If they had Spike (and you do), I might’ve lost in one hit. It’s a big weakness.

    If they had Ink/Jacen, that’s harder. But you can still Spike the Shades if the opponent isn’t ready for it (Rauny front).

    Point is, if you see Shade, Striker, or Sliver, be careful about your front row. Also that Spike is a killer for Crystal. Cryburn is one of the easier decks to counter, I’d say. (You even get a nice warning because you can usually see Shade in back first, unlike with Spike)

    As for your deck, try the following things:
    – with and without second Durant
    – pick any two of Epherius, Evelyne, Jolien
    – with and without Payne
    – with and without Cliff
    – with and without second Tarim

    Also, put in your Johnns.



    @Rajjinili, Thanks.. that is a very useful guide.



    I’d try a new strategy by removing both Tarims from the deck and switch them with 2 Johnns. If you get rid of them, you will ALWAYS have a gold producer on your first turn. It will be either HARDEN, RAMM OR JOHNN.

    Remember that you have 3 really expensive units; Arthur, Spike and Cliff. In order to get them all out as fast as possible, you need to create larger gold revenue, quicker.

    Yes, eventually you will have less power in the end game, but you will be much faster to do massive damage. While keeping Spike and Payne in the deck, to make sure you can always hinder your opponent so you won’t need that extra attack power.

    2 RAMMS. 2 HALES and CLIFF in the front
    1 ARTHUR, 1 JOLIEN (Or switch to Epherius), 1 EVELYNE in the back

    That’s what you need to aim for. While moving Spike from front to back. Then you can use Durants if you need to keep the enemy at bay, or add the Gromm to get that extra attack you need.

    If you have Bane or Yorn, try to add one of them to help SPIKE and PAYNE knock out your opponents units.

    If you smell the opponent bring out a Spike or a Rune, don’t be afraid to move a HARDEN to the front row.

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