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    This is one of the decks I really enjoy using lately so I thought I’d share it. The basic idea is to stall early/mid game as much as possible with lots of farmers until you can breakout 2x spike who are very difficult to heal through combined with other ranged wounders. Then the rest of the deck does just enough damage to create an advantage while stifling their healing. I’ll be upfront when I say I’m not sure this deck could work great if you have to substitute for a lot of the cards. Mostly the 7 farmers including 2x Horus are really important in order to afford Spikes and Cliff. I think playing this deck without Cook would also make it a lot harder against certain deck types, but not impossible. A few cards that I do commonly trade out of the deck are Eph for Eve. Also Stag, Wren, and to a lesser extent, Rile can be substituted for one another as the secondary damage provider outside of Cliff. Below are what I believe are some of the strengths and weaknesses for this deck, thanks for reading.

    – Great endgame farmer based economy to set up Cliff and 2x Spike for lategame
    – 2x Horus upfront provides +2 economy to each farmer and 4 damage each
    – Good chance of crippling enemies economy early/mid game with 2x Durrant and 1x Bron
    – Very rarely do enemies have enough +D or healing to keep up with the wound potential of this deck
    – With so many ranged and front wound units It’s fairly easy to take out 5-6 units of your opponents backrow producers or healers in a single turn
    – If you can shift wound units properly this deck has a definite advantage over most types of gold decks
    – This deck also has a clear advantage on most wood decks I’ve played if you can just survive until you get a spike out

    – Because this deck is so focused on endgame you will almost always have to come back from losing and matches will be longer
    – Being so reliant upon wound this deck will usually get rolled by Ashara skeleton decks and the new unwoundable golem mechanic – these are the only 2 types of decks that I’ve found to be very very hard to win against with this deck.
    – Barbarian and certain Forest rush decks also present a real challenge due to limited early game damage, but are not as hard as the above crystal decks.
    – This deck would probably have some issues against ranged wounders if you don’t have Cook >.<
    – This deck probably would not work nearly as well if you don’t have 2x Horus for their economy boost

    That about sums it up I think. Hoping I didn’t leave anything out. If you have any questions or comments on the deck feel free to do so and I will reply. Hope this has been helpful to some.

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    Yeah – So this deck isn’t really viable anymore due to the inclusion of 2x spike and his recent 1g cost increase. Still not giving up on 2x spike cuz it’s fun as heck, but need to get some cards I don’t have atm to test out other strategies.



    You gotta switch in a Jonas or Yorn. For Stag. Or second Bran for Stag. You don’t really need Stag, right?



    Thanks for da tip Raij, will have to try that out. Not sure though as the deck was already lacking in dmg, but I’ll certainly try out jonas (don’t have yorn). If I recall you squashed me the other day with a similar version of this haha.



    I currently run with Yorn and Jonas, minus Evelyne, Bran, Stag, Bane, and Durant2. If I had another Durant he’d be tossed in without a care. I use Yorn because I don’t want Bane, and Yorn gives me a chance to upgrade on t2 if I can’t get anything else (and Jonas doesn’t).

    I’ll send you three invites and we’ll see what works.

    Second Bran for Stag would trade a little attack for 1-3 more Gold.

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    I appreciate it Raij. I think I’m taking a break though until the tourney reset tho. Don’t want to get burned out

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