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    Forget Ool, forget Tavi, my new favorite units are the frogs. Uvil and Noch. They add something to Highgrounds that was lacking IMO…mind games. Putting your opponent in a spot where they have to think about whether they should put their Rune/Spike on the front lines is fun. Watching them do it and get rocked for 40+ damage is even better.

    The deck:

    Sacred Woods

    2x Uvil
    2x Noch
    2x Diug
    2x Era
    2x Ob
    1x Blight
    1x Ench
    2x Slog
    1x Gumil

    The deck works kind of like every other Wood ramp deck. Ramp until you get a fatty and beat down with it. But, instead of focusing on Blight, the focus is Era.

    Era is faster coming out, and has the added benefit of being Frail. In this deck, being Frail is a good thing. The plan is to get Era out around T4 or 5, attack once, then move all Frogs onto the front line where Era was, putting Era at the end of the line. After that, it’s a matter of getting the second Era (or Blight) out and moving them around. If your opponent doesn’t make wound guys to get rid of Era…that’s fine since you’ll more than likely have more power any way. If they do…well….they’re in for a lot of hurt unless they’re really lucky.

    At first the deck didn’t have Blight at all. Then, I played against a Crystal Fireball deck. That is this deck’s glaring weakness. Fireballs embarrassed me. So, I put a Blight in to have some hope of beating them. It’s still rough, though.

    Comments/Suggestions welcome.




    Interesting concept. I’ll have to try it out. Once I get me some frogs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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