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    badbitty mentioned the idea of deck guides, and while no one specifically asked for a steal guide, I have a steal deck that has been working pretty well for me so I thought I would share it:


    2x Yuo
    2x Loom
    2x Mana
    2x Berna
    2x Gage

    1x Eder
    1x Branan
    1x Rauny
    2x Tempest

    2x Deimor
    2x Pomora
    1x Drake
    1x Ink

    I’ve found the best way to play it is start with a Loom or Mana, then next turn another resource producer plus a steal, and then just work to increase stealers as much as you can to disrupt or completely shut down enemy resource production. Pomora helps prevent too much life loss (you will start at a deficit with this deck), and the fireballers help to shut down enemy attack and often resource production (when the enemy front line doesn’t have defense). Drake is indispensable when it comes to healers and resource deprivation, I would definitely run two if I had them. If they end up with multiple multi-heal units or a Cook, switch gears to attack. This deck doesn’t play well in the late game unless it shuts down enemy resource production early because it’s a little underpowered, so smart fireballs and early resource deprivation are the name of the game. When the enemy is almost or completely disabled, then attack. As far as improvements, you could swap out a Deimor for another Branan and I would probably use Jacen or another Ink in place of one Tempest. A bigger golem or two would help against massive gold units, but ideally you don’t ever see those units unless the enemy sacrifices everything to get just one out, which you then fireball and wound. This deck is very fun to play but could be difficult for a novice (not to mention the 6 rares). Anways, I just wanted to share.




    I have a similar deck, a couple of differences:

    Faulkin Payne!
    20 cards
    The Helm (2c, 1g, 3r)

    2 x Gage (C)
    2 x Berna (C)
    1 x Pomora (R) (Only have the one)
    2 x Faulk (UR) (But i have 2 of these XD)

    2 x Faiser (U)
    2 x Jion (U)

    2 x Mana (C)
    2 x Deimor (R)

    Wound / Utility:
    1 x Drake (R)
    2 x Payne (R)
    2 x Pep (C)

    The deck started off with 16 units only in a crystal camp deck. I quickly realized that Pep is awesome and totally makes hybrid cities much more viable. When playing a steal deck against Crystal opponents you are likely to get more income to use on your own units. Not so much against Gold decks. Enter Mana.

    Mana is now a 2 cost resource producer who can give you either 2 Gold or 2 Crystal depending on what you need that round. Along with Mana and Gage, as well as stealing from a Gold opponent, you can easily hit 5 gold in a round and bring out (the) Payne.

    Why Payne? Crystal has no front wounding units, and its probably the biggest need weakness outside of defense and healing. Couple a Drake or multiple front row stealing units with Payne, and it becomes very difficult to get things going as an opponent.

    The deck’s bi weakness is obviously the lack of an endgame. Knight decks with lots of Gold generation, usually using the Farmer economy and Rune(s), its difficult to slow those decks down, or out damage them once Arthur / Runes / Spike / Cliff all hit the front row in some combination (hopefully not all at once!)

    When I do get a second Pomora, I will probably swap out one of the Failks for a Pomora, and maybe a Jion for an Ink. Pomora / Jion / Faiser all do nice damage mid game, but get completely outclassed against Gold’s late game might.

    Fireball units outside of Deimor can replace a few units, as there are a bunch of Rares in this deck.

    Any suggestions on a different take on the Gold unit(s) to include? Maybe a slightly different Crystal assortment?



    Thank you very much for sharing!



    @badbitty See my deck for winning with two faulks is just using two faulks :)



    i think the most effective steal decks utilize rampagers (faisers and pomoras) and inks as the end game. that way they either need to get killed by rampage or get killed by double bolt.



    There’s definitely a deck there. If you can drop 4 stealers at the top row in the first couple of turns, it’s really hard for the opponent to come back. I’ve only been shutdown by cheap wound units.

    It’s great to be able to have all your producers on the front row, nullifying Durant.

    I like Pomora and Faulk as well ( I have 2 and 1), but I’m doing best with it in acolyte decks. Drop a wizard or two and a Jade and it’s all over.



    I think badbitty is on the right track, though I find it great if you make it so you can use whatever you steal. So, I went full hybrid and included a good number of gold-faction cards too. Durants and Marshalls work well with the raiders to completely deny an economy to the opponent, and also work well as recruiters and damage if necessary. If the opponent gets ahead of you, you’re probably out of luck, but that usually only happens on a bad initial draw, which is probably the weakest part…

    So here’s one sample, based on the characters I’ve had

    1 x Mana (C)
    1 x Pep (C)
    2 x Yuo (C)

    2 x Hagel (C)
    2 x Pitt (C)

    2 x Gage (C)
    2 x Berna (C)
    2 x Pomora (R)

    2 x Durant (C)

    2 x Ino (C)
    1 x Atrophus (C)

    1 x Illian (U)
    1 x Rosie (C)

    1 x Ink (R)

    2 x Marshall (C)
    1 x Wren (R)
    1 x Tydus (C)

    It’d be nice to have another Mana and Pep, which work great here. I’d probably drop the Ino’s for those. I’d also consider adding another Rosie. One issue is that you can’t depend on having a bunch of either type of income, so the 2 Pitts and some Rosie’s are key. On a good draw, you get both gold and crystal going, and the game is pretty much in the bag after 3 turns if you get a few steals off.



    Based on my obervation that the only real defense against stealing was to wound the units, I’ve been trying this. It uses stealing for disruption, but then uses wounded units to get more powerful. It needs more testing but so far it’s been suprisingly successful, though it is very reliant on rare cards.

    This is a full crystal deck “We Like Pain”
    Resource producers:
    2 Loom
    1 Yuo
    2 Mana
    2 Zender (windfall is nice)

    2 Gage
    1 Berna
    1 Eder (I’d probably swap to a nother Berna)
    1 Faulk ( Not critical, but I have him)

    2 Pomoras (also support the steal theme)
    2 Faisers

    2 Strikers (Critical because they wound themselves)
    2 Shadebeasts
    2 Slivers

    In the early game the object is to place mana producers on the front row, using stealers to disrupt and frustrate the opponent. They are there just to slow the opponent down and hopefully get wounded in the process. The minotaurs get dropped at the bottom of the front row in order to get in early damage.
    Mid game start to get some Zenders or Shadebeasts down on the back row, continue to try to sneak damage in with the minotaurs but try to save a few wounded units if you can.
    Late game the idea is to bring in Shadebeasts and Slivers with a bunch of wounded units to power through for a lot of damage. You can use the Strikers to create wounded units if your opponent isn’t helpful enough in these regards. Opponents will be pushed to bring more units on the front row to deal with your minotaurs and stealers, so it’s not hard to wound trigger Striker’s burnout.



    Well, the deck is much less effective with the changes to the Stealers. Knight decks (which uses to at least be competitive) are now nearly impossible, and wound heavy strategies get multi-wound before you can disrupt them enough with steal. This completely disrupts your crystal production and they easily win.

    Still works well against the non-paying players, with slower (less optimized) decks. But that just feels like I’m beating them down with a bunch of rares.

    It’s not the right build to play against Crystal players. They don’t tend to create nearly as many wounds as the gold decks so using Ink or others as your closers works much better.

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