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    This deck is based on the premise of the ability Revenge. Before Forest was released, sometimes Crystal only Revenge decks stalled out because you could not burn your guys out. As in, your opponent has 3 creatures out, but they are all high power, and your lowest burnout character is a burnout 5.

    So, with the release of Forest, we have access to Dormant creatures and Transform to get them. Also, Teak is simply amazing due to his low cost, high power, and guaranteed Burnout.

    I’ll list the deck and then go over some highlights.

    Resources (Forest Village)

    2x Qit
    2x Diug
    2x Yuo
    2x Loom
    2x Ob
    1x Rorth

    2x Pyras
    2x Rohk
    (Ob also transforms)


    1x Striker
    2x Teak
    1x Myter
    2x Reck


    1x Shadebeast
    2x Fiss
    2x Sliver
    1x Virt


    1x Pep

    That’s the deck. As you can see, it seems light on Crystal resource makers. After all, you’re only getting 1 Crystal per turn for your town. The thing is, once you get the transform ball rolling, you will be able to amass crystal quite quickly. IE When you transform an Ob, you have a %40 chance of getting a Yuo, and it snowballs from there.

    The two best creatures in the deck IMO are Pyras and Teak. Pyras because it can transform into anything in the deck for only 5 wood, and Teak because he is a super cheap and powerful burnout creature.

    To win, burnout your guys and throw Revenge creatures at the bottom of the pile. Most of my games end up with two Fiss at the bottom finishing off the opponent.




    your deck is way to big and inconstant imo and not alot of people has virt so they cant make that deck.



    Have you tested the deck? If not, you can’t know it’s “inconstant”.

    And, so a lot of people don’t have Virt…..so…? You can sub in another Revenge creature for it. Or something else. The lack of ONE creature doesn’t destroy the premise of the deck. Try posting something constructive next time.



    Jeez. He did post something constructive (criticism), and you got defensive about it. It’s not like he called your deck a pinecone.



    I have a similar deck, but it’s much smaller. Big decks are inconsistent because the cards you need to draw early may be clumped together at the back of the deck. This is particularly important with mixed resource decks, as you need to get early production going for both resource types.

    My deck is 20 cards, 7 less than you have above. The draws are still much less consistent than a good size (14-16 card) single resource deck, but it’s a good balance and lets me get out the cards I need in time (usually) to win. Here’s my current decklist:

    1x Yuo
    2x Tamurum (would swap 1 out for a Yuo if I had a second)
    2x Loom
    2x Qit
    2x Ob
    1x Atrophus
    2x Sliver
    1x Shadebeast
    1x Teak
    2x Myter
    1x Reck
    1x Ench
    2x Roko

    My ideal end-game frontline is Teak, Sliver, Sliver, Shadebeast, and 3 wounded units below. The top end damage is 8 (Teak) + 20 (Sliver) + 25 (Sliver) + 42 (Shadebeast) = 95. If the opponent’s frontline is empty it’ll still fire off 53 damage, which is plenty to finish them off if I’ve struck once or twice with my Teak or Atrophus earlier in the game. If they’re still alive then the 2x Roko in the back is usually enough to revive 2-4 of my damage producers.

    Notice I don’t have any Diug or Rorth. They’re not needed, I’m able to produce plenty of crystal once I get Shade out and my most expensive forest unit is Teak at 5w. Transform is unreliable, so I don’t have Pyras or Rohk. Besides, I can usually afford everything I need without transform. The only transform I have is Ob transforming into my one cost crystal producers.

    For burnout, I don’t need or want Striker; the whole point of going hybrid instead of pure crystal is to not have to rely on the opponent fielding at least 5 frontline guys. My Myter, Reck, and Teak produce all the wounded units I need. Myter is cheaper to get out so I have two of those and only 1 of Reck and Teak.

    For recruit, I think Ench is far, far superior to Pep. He’s the same price, but with the 2w1c town production you can drop him on turn 1 and save your crystal for the crystal production you need for the endgame units.



    Now i have made the deck and its inconsistent its slow. you said it was light on crystal that might be the only thing it is not it generate crystals like sick. but the deck is so big that i cant get units out for the crystal and wood it generates and get run over as soon as i meet a opponent who know what he do. i would cut down at least 6 units.



    “Jeez. He did post something constructive (criticism), and you got defensive about it. It’s not like he called your deck a pinecone.”

    Posting potential flaws with the deck without testing is not constructive.

    Now he’s tested and posted constructive feedback. And for that, I thank him.

    Thanks wist. I’ll play around with the deck and see if I can smooth it out.



    you can post constructive feedback without actually play testing. some things you just learn from playing the game that are evident when you look at a deck build.




    Thank you for the deck list. I can put about 3/4 of it together. I am missing the top dmg crystal units but I improvised some.

    Edit: Just noticed you do have Teak at the top of your line. Silly me. Heavily medicated due to the flu. Removed wall of text asking how revenge works. Answered my own question. ;P



    here is my 15 unit dormant revenge deck. Gorg and/or Pyras are not needed if you want to trim it to 14 units or don’t have it. if you have 2 shadebeast, use both.
    2X Qit
    2X Loom



    for dormant, grove is the best because he also has revenge 3. also, try to force a turn one qit.

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    My deck is currently as follows:

    2 x Shadebeast
    2 x Sliver
    2 x Fiss
    (1 x Virt – I had virt in, but took him out – he didn’t really add much benefit. His revenge is too low to want to swap out sliver or shadebeast, and by the time I need 3 heal, he is usually no longer useful)

    2 x Teak – adds damage AND burns out! With sufficient heal, fantastic
    2 x Myter – cheapest dormant unit

    2 x Gorg
    1 x Qit – I had two of these, but got rid of it in favor of loom
    2 x Loom

    1 x Roko
    1 x Kil

    Thoughts? Seems to me sometimes too slow. I might need a recruiter in there, and I also thought about putting in Ool switch the Teak’s for another totem, to boost late-game crystal production.

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    • This reply was modified 6 years, 3 months ago by  kungapa.
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