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    Get as much wood as possible, then play blight and era for tons of damage and powerful wounding



    i think it works much better if u replace eras whit teaks and +2 healers, put +4 and+3wood units out, only cheap farm and 8 wintfall dogs for blight. U can rush it ,thats the only reason its better i think



    I love forest. Was dying for the update since the unit art was teased and I wasn’t disappointed. It continues to be my favorite faction. This is the deck I play constantly with pretty good success. ~80% win ratio week in/week out even post nerfs. Its gone through so many iterations and adjustments. It is very versatile and can do some shenanigans things if you can predict your opponent’s moves or just out guess them.

    I present. “Dem Trees”

    There is probably room for improvement given the current meta. My guess is removing the reck and a roko would be first order of business. Possibly toss a kren in there for a bit of speed? Really, I leave it up to you to tune further. This deck is my sweetheart. It may not look like much but, it gets the job done.



    My favourite deck:


    2x Slog
    2x Diug
    2x Gumil
    1x Mag
    2x Ob
    2x Kren

    2x Blight

    front: 8 attack 4wood
    back: 4 recruit (want to change)

    Suggestions welcome!
    Should I add a Doken?



    I’m a fairly new player, so I use a budget version of the blight deck, using early producers to get Blight out faster. Doesn’t always work, but when it does, its hilarious. Do you guys have any suggestions to help improve it? (currently saving gems for some wood boosters or core/commander packs in hope of getting better units)


    2x Ob
    2x Rowa
    2x Diug
    2x Kil
    2x Slog
    2x Roko
    1x Marsh
    2x Gumil
    2x Blight



    Powell can be useful for.getting Blight out if you have any. He produces 3 wood and sells for 4.

    Eventually you’ll want Viath. He costs 10 and produces 5 wood (and sells for 5 if needed), which is more than worth including him in a Blight deck alone. His 6 Flare is just an added bonus, and the 2 siege is icing on the cake.



    Thanks for the help! I currently don’t have either one of those units, but I will try to get them soon.



    Powell is uncommon, so hopefully you’ll have one or two soon

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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