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    Hello to everyone.

    I wanna show you my dog deck. It gave me many satisfactions…due to my job (and my girlfriend too, ahah) I do not have many time to reach level 50, only once I reach it. And I did it in few days.

    Commander: Seldon (yes, like Hari Seldon) front: 3 rampage/1 gold (this gold is a mistake :-( )
    back: 1 arrow/2 woods
    Diug x2
    Slog x2
    Kil x2

    With those I create my economy in the first 2/3 turns, than I can use my dogpack:

    Gumil x2
    Ench x2. Ench is also useful in the first turn for his great recruit.

    If my commander comes up in the second turn, I put him in the back e use arrow/wood, then I put it below the dogpack for his rampage.

    Then Teak, is really nice, with it I can reach 38/40 attack.

    I won in 5-6 turn most of the times.

    A special acknowledgment to Elgi, my last unit, that saved my dogs so many times with his protect.

    My problem now is that last three times I refused to upgrade my commander, because if it costs more than 5 it doesn’t fix well in this economic deck.

    Anyone has suggestion to improve my deck?



    Well the obvious improvement would be to replace the 1 gold in front with 1 defense. It’s rarely a bad idea to have defense on a commander. That, or change it to 2 attack, so that you do at total of 8 damage when rampage goes off and 5 when it doesn’t.

    Beyond that, maybe add in another Ansel for even higher max damage. It may hurt your speed a little though.

    You might try replacing 1 Ench with a second Ob, and decide for yourself which you prefer.

    If healing has been any kind of noticeable problem, you may consider adding a Roko in.

    Keeping a deck down to 14 can be good sometimes, but 16 is almost as good in most situations, especially if you have a recruiter like Ench. I wouldn’t go above 16 for a rush deck, but give a few variations a try with +1 or +2 units.

    It sounds like a good deck. I’m liking dogs lately.



    …and then arrived another rampage! 5 rampage for my commander ;-) (without any variation of price!)



    Nice. Free is always in the budget.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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