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    Here’s a deck that uses no ultra-rares or legendaries, and is based on a spearhead commander.

    Beginners, take note!

    The main idea is that you use money generating units until you can afford your commander. 3 spearhead is critical here, and you can do 21 damage with a full back row. Raleigh adds a bunch of extra defense, which prevents wounding and can stop big units in their tracks. You don’t need to use these resource generators; if you have others they will work as well. You could sub Arthur for Cliff if you don’t have one, or Rune, Spike or Payne for Illian. If you don’t have Raleigh, you could always use some other protect or Atk+Squire back row unit to boost damage. I was using 1 Atk 3 Spearhead on my commander and Herold to boost the Atk. Durant is a good unit for this deck as well, and can wound the enemy’s back row if you need. I’m not sold on this commander’s back row for this deck, but it’s useful for other decks.

    If you’re a new player and want a deck that will boost your wins, try building a 3 Spearhead commander! Good luck!

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