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    Just got Ashara last night through Power Pack. Now it’s complete:



    No Driaga? I’m offended.



    Then that means this deck is effective.



    So, how effective is this thing? It seems you’d be pretty dependent on getting that Hagel out early otherwise all those crystal cars would just gum up your draws.



    It seems that way, yes.

    In fact, those crystal cards continue to clog up my draws for several turns after, until I am able to get out both Rorths or a Rorth + 2 Horus.

    But I faced someone who, with an early lead, asked me to forfeit, since I was going to lose anyway. I told him that was rude, and later told him that he was just beaten by a joke deck. Due to the “last turn message” bug, I do not believe he saw it.



    Maybe Kates instead of one of the Durants and that salamander guy? Sure she can screw up your turn one, but in the long run having a high recruit might be your best chance with this thing. I’d really like to see a deck like this work; the game could use some more outlandish builds (even if they do require 8 rares :/ ).



    I put back a second Ramm and it has enough power to sometimes kill.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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