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    So i cant figure it out. Every single time i see one of these two get played, i know no matter how hard i try, im going to fail. Im going to fight for a long time, and just lose in the end, no matter if I’m winning 15-3 once it’s pulled.

    But whenever i ask people, they say they lose “all the time” with these cards. How? To the people who have these cards, and get beat after they are pulled, what is it that the opponent does that stops their entire front line from being decimated in 2 turns? I’ve taken to having to run a rush deck just hoping to beat people before they can pull these cards.



    I don’t play gold very often, so I can’t suggest much there, but Shadebeast on the crystal side can decimate a Spike/Rune deck if played well. There’s also the option with either deck to try to stifle production as much as possible with arrows; Spike is pricey to get out, so if you can keep their gold production low, they’ll never get a chance.

    I know it’s not the biggest help, especially if your deck isn’t fully fleshed out yet. You’re on a good track with the rush deck, as well. If you can hone that deck for maximum early damage, you can often (but not always) squeak out a win before they can pull Spike on you.



    Another tactic that I’ve used if you have the cards are skeletons. Most of them have decent defense and can really mess up their ability to knock out multiple opponents.

    If you are going straight gold, well place Pikemen are also a good tactic.

    They are not fun to play, but they are beatable. I know when I first started I thought Spike was the end all be all.

    It gets better….



    I play with Rune but he’s very beatable. I actually use him as much for gold production as wound. It’s kinda simple…have guys with defense in the front row and healers. Gernt and Harden are cheap defense. Morgart and Groom kills wound. Just alternate them in your front row.



    The best way to deal with Spike with a gold deck, is to have two healers of any kind in the back row.

    Then have plenty of units with defense and set them as follows on the front row:

    1- Any unit
    2- A unit with at least 2 defense
    3- Any unit
    4- A unit with at least 2 defense
    3- Any unit
    5- A unit with at least 2 defense
    6- Any unit
    7- A unit with at least 2 defense

    Which units will be easy for you to use?
    -Move your HARDENS from the back row to the front.
    -Use MORGRAT that you get from the campaign for free.
    -Use GROM

    Remember, each DEFENSE point uses up one WOUND attack. So a unit with 2 DEFENSE will take down 3 WOUND, because after two WOUND hits – only then will he be open for wounding.

    With this strategy you will be able to deal with multi wound units like Spike and Rune. Rune will become a piece of cake, Spike is just slightly tougher. Watch out for his backrow arrows.

    I have used this strategy when first starting out. Later on, you’ll get better units to be able to deal with Spike and Rune in more creative ways. As far as I know, this is the easiest, cheapest and the most new-player friendly strategy there is VS multi-wound.



    grom and morgart eat spike decks for lunch. cliff too. grom + morgart + jolein or even epherius and it’s over for the spike deck.



    For gold, with joliens 3 heals (i usually run 1-jol/1-eph) , i find i can do without any 3 defence units fine.

    My gold knights defence is almost always 2 harden, 1-2gernts, 2 Hales and 1 herold.

    I prefer harden/gernt to grom, because mid-late game they are so cheap and they cycle so fast if you’ve around 18-20 units and +3-6 recruit . they are backup almost instantly, so you can just sell them off (gernt esp) and they will usually be fresh to defend again next turn.

    Herolds got a very nice 2 armor front, and he gives a + 1 defence front (+ damage&def to hale) so if you have one of each they can effectively become a quicker, cheaper, more flexible Cliff.

    For Crystal i almost always have 2x Rauny&Ryhne and flexing those units usually works just fine for me. That new ultra rare i’ve seen a few times would be amazing too : )

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    It seems the consensus that i need to add more defense into my team… I do have the +3 defense pikeman, so ill put him in my army, and i guess bringing down my hardens into the front line and sacrificing gold production to stop the spike is a sacrifice i need to be more comfortable making. Thanks for all the help i hope i can put the advice to good use!



    Yep, you absolutely have to be willing to put Harden in the front row once spike or rune come out. Which makes it even more vital that new players can win at least one (if not two) Johnns from the campaign matches.



    I made an account for the express purpose of adding my 2 cents. After much frustration go up against Spike/Rune/Knockout decks I came on these boards and found this thread. It helped a little. Well, it helped a lot. Enough for me to cook up my own strategy that has won me lots of matches. Some of them even against double spike!

    Spike is annoying. He is a unit that can make or break your match depending on how early he drops and how prepared you are for him.

    If your opponent has their back row just stacked full of gold, expect just about anything. Gold “ramp” is the popular route for the free to play crowd and the top tier play as well.

    Control control control.

    Early back row suppression (IE: Bran or Durant) is so important here that those two cards become almost a necessity. It gets tricky for the FtP crowd but if you were lucky to draw a few you should be golden. Force them to make tough decisions but keep track of your own gold production, you need to accelerate ahead of them. A short match makes the appearance of Spike much less impact-full.

    So I broke down and decided to support Spry Fox in my thirst to become better, knowing that my vanilla deck wasn’t enough and I was enjoying this game way too much.

    Cards that make the difference.
    1 x Morgart
    1 x Cliff
    1 x Grom
    1 x Jolien

    Those four cards right there… will beat 2 spikes and a rune. Getting those cards out requires lots of gold and smart play. However the only way to truly succeed is to control the back row and that depends on your early draw! And if they manage to get a Spike out early you may be cooked, or you may not, its really up to your perseverance to scoop or not.

    Good luck and have fun.

    Just my opinion.

    TLDR: I’ve learned to beat Spike/Rune and I show you my tact.

    P.S.- SPH is pro so his advice is probably better than mine.

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    If you were to deal with a spike (me being a spike lover), try wounding first all of the opponent’s healers, then wound spike, and just to **** them off, wound their gold/wood/crystal supply.

    NOTE: If you are a wood deck user, make sure to have a lot of standby healers, as most of the wood-based cards have the ability ‘frail’, which instantly sends them back to your deck.



    SP = Spike
    U = Any unit
    EU = Any unit/ no unit
    GR = Grom (or any other 3+ defense unit)
    PU = Any powerful unit to school your opponent
    H = Healer
    H2 = Healer with 2 or more heal (such as rauny, cook, and jolien)
    | = Dividing line between front and back row
    || = Dividing line between the two front rows
    Situation 1 YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 1 H2!
    How to beat a spike (singular)
    EU | SP || U | H / H2
    EU | EU || GR | H / H2
    EU | EU || PU | EU
    EU | EU || PU/EU | EU
    Situation 2
    KO = Unit with 1 wound
    KKO = Unit with 2+ wound
    EU | SP || KKO/U | H / H2
    EU | KO || KKO/KO/GR | H2
    EU | PU || KKO/PU/GR/KO | H
    EU | EU || PU/EU | H
    I hope this helps!

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