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    This thread is intended specifically for posting decks to that are specially designed to beat Daily Events, both thoe Ghost Match and Live Match events.

    Please post what event(s) your deck is specifically designed to beat. I’ll post decks for events as I come across them, but the more contributors who post their own decks the better.



    Event: Rush Arena daily event (ghost)

    Deck: Rush Buster

    The most important parts of this deck are:

    A) It must be no more than 14 units
    B) The city must be Titan Ridge
    C) The only unit that costs 2 gold or less must be a Remi
    D) There must be 2x Jakk and 2x Chloe

    The main idea is that on turn 1 you will always draw Remi, and on turn 2 you will be extremely likely to draw at least 1 Jakk or Chloe and have the 3 gold needed to afford them. Due to Rush Arena starting with only 6 health, your Charity units will instantly produce 5 gold per turn for you, thus allowing you to produce 8 gold and 6 recruit for the start of turn 3.

    I recommend making most of the rest of your units be any combination of good, powerful units that you want or have available to you. Remember that you will only be producing 8 gold on turn 3, so I strongly suggest that you don’t include anybody who costs more than 8 gold.

    If you are nervous about your odds of pulling 1 of your 4 Charity units on turn 2, you can add one or two more 3 gold units, such as a couple of Gerren or Durant, although I advise whatever 3 cost unit to be some sort of producer. Using a Durant to wound in Arena Rush is highly inadvisable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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