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    Not sure if anyone else is running a deck like this, but the idea came to me when someone brought up the garauntee of a first turn playable unit.
    The deck has been getting me good results of late, so here it is

    2 Deimor
    2 ghaspar
    2 tempest
    2 woaleh (nice huh?)
    2 raeus
    2 rainer
    1 berna
    1 Aethon
    General (3x spear, 6 atk squire)

    obviously exploiting a rules loophole but i don’t think this deck is too degenerate. others playing anything similar? Devs have a problem with the rule exploit? Thoughts?



    I don’t think its much of an exploit. It’s more of an issue of abusing legendaries imo. A turn 1 Ghasper is just a risky start, with the risk managed by Woaleh. I don’t think its much different from a turn two Payne against wood, except it works against all factions. Anything other than a turn 2 Tempest or Woaleh can be achieved with a loom, or not really worth it, imo.

    Also, aside from Aethon, you have no healing. Without Woalehs, this army would crumble. How does it fare against barbarians?

    EDIT: Played a few ghosts to check up on draws, & this army will get screwed over by pretty much any turn 2 disruption, unless you draw Woaleh (as I thought) However, I greatly overestimated the probability of drawing him, so yeah……risky start. Hard counter is turn 1 steal. GG.

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    turn 1 steal and turn 2 durant can cripple me, but honestly I just haven’t run into it. the lack of healing is a bother at times, but the deck is tight enough that disbanded guys come back around next time.

    I actually like tempest on turn 2 best, but that’s dangerous

    I don’t think it’s a broken deck, it’s definately an all in strategy, but it is exploiting a a known condition (the garaunteed turn one ghaspar)



    If’s its not broken, then don’t fix it :P



    Also, why use two ghaspers, when you only need 1?



    I’ve waffled back and forth on this, the second is insurance. if my tempest gets duranted turn two, having the second ghaspar in rotation gives me another option. I’ve run it both ways

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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