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    Nasty Melvar deck :)

    If all works well, Melvar’s 4 Reaper in the back can do epic damage to the home row of my opponent.
    If I don’t have enough time to get the Drake’s and Melvar out to reap, I put him in front with the 2 Xamris, my Commander and the Ozgo for defense.
    Works almost every time :)

    I play this deck in The Grotto.

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    Seems legit. How fast is it?



    It runs pretty fast. If first draws are good, I can get a Drake out in turn 3-4.
    I mostly use him in the back for the extra recruit in the beginning, so I can start reaping turn 4-5.
    Or I can start reaping turn 3-4 with Gild.

    The fun thing is when the economy runs slowly, it’s not so bad because you can build up Frenzy damage and then KO your opponent with 2 Exquisites :)




    Would like to know what I should add and what I should get rid of. This is an all gold army.

    EDIT: Why won’t the code work? Works on any other forum.

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    You don’t really need Syl if you aren’t hiring any Arthurs or Spikes or Cliffs. Her 9 Honor can be nice, but she is too vulnerable to be worth it unless you plan on taking advantage of her Windfall.

    Hale is a great unit, but may not be right for that deck.

    You may not need Jonas, since everything in your.deck (after removing Syl) could be hired with the gold produced by your city, Evelyn, and a couple of Johnns or Hardens.

    Beyond that, there’s not much I can suggest without knowing what other units you have to work with. If you have an Ephyrius you might use him to replace Jolien, since he can be hired on Turn 2 if need be.

    Edit: and for posting imgur images here, use the HTML code link instead of the bbcode, and it should work.

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    OK, I was using the bbcode, should work now.



    I’d take out moggart/marshall, simply to make your army smaller.

    The main issue I can see with your army is that its max attack is a bit low. (8+8+9+5+4+4+ commander = 38 + commander) {that’s also assuming you’re not wuonding with payne} While that’s good enough to beat most rush armies, other late-game armies should easily beat that. I recommend tweaking it is that your army is slightly more disruptive, or stronger.

    If you want to make it stronger, put in Arthur.

    If you want to make it more disruptive, consider a second Durant.



    what does your commander do/cost? it’s an important consideration



    Hi to everyone!

    Here’s my Spirit Deck, with the leader: Milians (back: 5 defence, 2 heal; front 2 bolt) cost 10.

    14 units tot.:

    2 ghasper;
    2 tamurum
    2 rorth

    2 nevil

    2 talas


    What do you think about?

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    Spirits are rather weak right now, unless you have a legendary, like Woaleh, imo.

    Is this a rush, or not? It currently does a maximum of 36 damage (assuming Woaleh blocks max possible damage), which is pretty low, as mentioned



    Yeah, you’re right…problem is that in average I need 6-7 turn to win, not properly a rush…

    Preserving both Nevil from wounds using Woaleh and putting my commander in front row many times helped me, with some luck choice, to win against great players.

    But I do want something more for my deck…:-)

    I hope new update will help me.

    On this time my ultra rare set permits me to create a medium-good mountain deck; a very good knight deck; a terrible golem deck; a crystal-hunter-xamris deck.
    (hope someone of this deck will be helped to increase its power)



    Hello everyone. I like coming up with new and interesting decks, regardless of if they are competitively viable. This is one that I have been thinking of doing for awhile, and I am looking for general opinions on it.

    The strategy is as followed. Get my commander with the two Varos in the front row, while maintaining a steady economy in the back row, for 41 damage, while being invincible due to Gaeis, who likewise is protected the two Doros, with the two Tagons and Deimor using fireball.

    This is where the interesting part comes in. Notice how I have two Spikes in this deck, and 15 units total. What this means is that, with 10 units on the board and 4 recruit, there will be one unit that I won’t draw, and thus can force-transform into. When this happens, I shift Gaeis to the front row, along with other Golems, and I am left free to transform. There isn’t a massive decrease in power, however, as Deimor is now dealing 12 extra damage due to the attack squire buff. After that, my damage, while decreasing by 3 to make up for the front row Spike, is more than made up for by the massive wound. If my opponent is capable of surviving that, however, then my deck ultimately falls apart. Hopefully though, that shouldn’t be the case.

    Here are the decks primary flaws that I can see.

    1. Inherent lack of heal. Since Golems are generally invincible, this should not be that big of a problem. However, if this does come to be troublesome, I can always replace one of the Spikes with an Era, making it a situational heal. This has the added bonus that my opponent will have to choose between aiming for Gaies, and aiming for Era, increasing his overall safety.

    2. No good way to sustain against rush. Pretty much all of this decks strengths are achieved upon hitting the late game. If my opponent can beat me before that happens, then I can’t win.

    3. Possible unstable early game. Not only does this deck suffer from the same problem that all 4 recruit cities with 15 units have, (Before my first reshuffle, there will be 3 units that I don’t draw. If those happen to be economy units, I am set back really far,) but it also has a ton of late game units, and 2 units that do not even fit with my decks economy. If I am cursed with bad luck, I am setting myself up for an easy loss.

    4. Gaies being knocked out. This has to be avoided at all costs if possible, unless if I am utilizing his front row. Him being knocked out prematurely can mess up my draws. (Having 9 units on the board will mean that I will have 2 units in my deck that I will not draw opposed to just one. 33% chance that one of those being Gaies.)

    Keep in mind that most of these flaws are situational, but I think that they still ought to be brought up. I am a long ways off from being able to make this deck, but it is one I have had in mind for awhile. What do you guys think about it?

    (As a note, I am missing the commander, Deimor, one Tagon, and Gaeis.)

    <img src=”

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    Here’s my golem army

    EDIT: It seems the 2nd Varo is cut-off from this image.

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