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    I have a Covar, but it was initially excluded due to his cost…! Laginn, Rune, Cliff…don’t you think economy is enough full of responsabilities?

    Reguarding Flip, maybe it’s my english (I’m from Italy) but i did not get why you think flip is better than jonas!




    Well, I find Andor to be more of a rush unit, so if Covar is too expensive, then perhaps Herold?

    Flip & Jonas are pretty much interchangeable, but I like Flip better because he’s more cost-efficient, & you can pull off latk-squire/gamble shenanigans with him lategame.



    Unfortunately I still do not have any Herlod :-(

    My problem with this deck and Flip is that many times I’m under 8 health when my army is able to show its powerfull, and at that time Flip steal me too many gold…



    My newest deck… lots of fun
    2 harden
    2 midras
    2 vago
    2 payne
    2 grom
    1 barion (he fits the theme…. ugh)
    2 cliff
    1 spike
    1 flip
    1 Healydan F: 8atk 3wnd B: 3def 4 heal



    Nice looking deck Partarvo.

    That’s the only kind of deck that would make me feel better about getting a Barion if I ever got one. Seems like he’d fit pretty well in it. The Commander definitely makes up for the difference though.

    You may consider adding in a Covar to pair with the Flip. Remember, an AtkSquire buffed Gamble will multiply the fully buffed attack by x4 (although defense also hurts the pre-multiplied number), allowing a Covar buffed 7 gamble to be multiplied to 28 attack.

    How’s it been playing?



    flip is in for enhancing my turn 2 options and his 2 windfall. he’s never on the board late. lately the deck has done well against everything I’ve faced, and it’s fun



    Here’s a deck I just threw together. I just recently got a second Teak, so I decided to try and make a Revenge deck using nothing but Wood units:

    It’s actually a pretty decent little deck. Pretty fast and somewhat strong. Vulnerable to wounding and mid speed decks though.

    It’s also the first competitive deck that I’ve made or come across that uses Grove. I still don’t like Grove, but this deck is warming me up to him a little bit.



    Xyn, I like your idea so I built my own version
    I added 1 kemp and took out the slogs for Obs (I think you did this too)
    I added my low cost commander who has 1 heal 1 drain in the back. The added disruption from both these units was really helpful. it’s a fun deck but I’ve struggled to get the full revenge on board, Kurio especially was tough to keep him on burnout. I wonder if some cheap dormant units could help the deck, myter seems good



    What if you add a Noch/Uvil? Just as a surprise against multi-wounders.



    I just never find those guys worth it.. though admittedly I don’t own uvil



    Noch could be a little counter productive since he’s Frail. Maybe he could help a little though, maybe I’ll give him a try.

    I also have no Uvil’s try.



    Been on a deck building binge lately and realized I just never build with a rush mentality. Here’s my attempt… partially inspired by some diug based back and forth in the chatbox earlier.

    2 diug (duh)
    1 ob
    1 Tik (are they brothers?)
    2 roko
    1 kemp (he’s just very useful, great turn 2)
    1 duncan (possibly an easy cut)
    1 powell
    2 ansel
    2 gumil
    2 mag
    commander (cost:7 4atk 2 def/ 1 heal,1 drain)

    thoughts? input? is it more midrangey than rush? I think I’m more of a fatty slammer.



    Yeah, def more mid-game than pure rush. Dogs are too slow for pure rush imo.



    fair… the only rush decks I have are nevil (which I never seem to play right :P I am soooo not a rush player) and a zero economy deck that I built for the stupid 1 life daily

    ok, well thoughts on this deck… other than not being pure rush?



    A deck like that is fast, but like Impro said, not a pure rush. More of a fast, anti-rush sort of deck, since you can keep up with a rush deck and then overpower them. This tends to be my average pace of deck.

    Decks of this speed have the advantage that they are strong enough to beat rush decks and fast enough to beat slow decks. Their biggest weakness tends to be against heavy wound/control decks, and strong mid game decks that can keep up with you and overpower you the same way you can do to pure rush decks.

    Ansel and Gumil make for great rush power, with Gumil helping get everybody out quicker than you can hire wolves of similar power, plus Gumil has that nice little point of defense in front, which isn’t a lot, but is pretty good for a wood deck, especially if you throw a Roko in before the Gumil.

    I think Tik may slow you down a bit here. The wounding is nice, but without other foxes around, it’s hard to justify his steep price to power ratio.

    I’d definitely lose Duncan. He just seems like dead weight in all wood decks to me. 4 attack for 4 resources is a fair price, but it just doesn’t play to any of Wood’s strengths, and as a producer he’s pretty mediocre, you can do a lot better.

    Everything else looks good to me. Kemp is lot’s of fun and can be really powerful if played well.

    About the only thing more I can say is that it’s just not going to be the most competitive deck at the moment. It can definitely mop the floor with very fast and very slow decks, but if it meets one of it’s peers, another slower rush deck, it’s going to have a tough time keeping up with the speed and power. Barb rushes, Arthur rushes, etc.

    Blights + Dogs is a good combo. Dogs allow you to keep up with most fast decks, and Blight gives you the strength and tactics to keep up with many other decks as well. I don’t know if you have any Blights yet, but once you do, you should definitely play around with adding a Blight or two and see what you think. Oh, and you’ll probably want at least one Kren if you have a Blight or two to bring out.

    In the meanwhile, aside from cutting Duncan and possibly Tik, it looks pretty solid for what it is. Another Teak could possibly help, but maybe not, since a single Teak works better in some decks. If you have (or get) a Doken, you could potentially increase your disruption power and improve your odds against non rush decks.

    A different Commander could also work better with that deck, although I know that’s not always an easy change, as either you don’t have a perfect commander for a deck yet, or you are working on leveling up another commander so want to use it even if it’s sub-optimal. But a Commander with 2 bolt, or 2 front row arrow, or 3 wound, or 3 attack 2 wound could really be a nice boost for a deck like that. On the other hand, having front row defense on a Commander in a Wood deck is always handy, but at your decks current speed and power I’m not sure if it’s worth it. 2 or 3+ defense is really powerful if you have a Blight or two in your deck though.

    As a competitive deck, I’d give it something like a C+ rating. Aside from Duncan, it looks pretty well built for what component units it uses, but It feels like it’s missing some elements before it could be a highly competitive deck.

    Just keep tweaking it over time. It’s surprising what units you’ll add or subtract over time as your play style evolves and you get new units. I still love Mag, but I haven’t used him in a deck in a couple months. I’m sure I’ll use him again in the future, but even the best units may get sidelined depending on other factors. Hell, I’ve had 2 Drake that I used to frequently use, but whom I hadn’t used in several months. But I just added both of the Drakes back into my main Crystal deck just this week, and they are just as great as ever, and work really great along side my new Wound Commander.

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