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    Hi huxxxx:

    Is the gold “Primary” deck just for the “Large Armies” daily event? Using the Helm as the City suggests it may have been used for the “Soldiers of the Helm” daily.

    I find fewer gold units, 20 maybe, (+Titan Ridge as the City) to be more manageable for KotH/dailies.



    Could you post your commander’s stats? That would be helpful.

    Ok let’s do PRIMARY first.:

    The problem with this deck is readily quite clear to me. It is too big. Way too big. You are going to suffer from inconsistent draws, particularly in the early game. I have found almost universally that the smaller my deck is the better it performs. Ideally I try for 14 cards. I generally try to figure out what my 10 ultimate cards I want to have in play are, and then see what I have room to add. Often times I will have one of my final 10 cards be suboptimal in order for that slot to be useful earlier in the game.

    So in order to improve PRIMARY I would consider cutting some cards. I do not have a knight deck myself, but that seems to be were this is going. So what do we want the ultimate to look like in this deck? How about

    2 Evelyn
    1 Arthur

    2 Kobi
    2 Ram
    2 Tarim
    1 Commander

    Then add in:
    2 John
    2 Harden

    There is a nice focused lean deck. Is this deck amazing, probably not, but it should get out some early damage with 2 drop knights, followed up by some bigger ones and an Arthur in the back row. I suggest playing a few games with it and pay attention to how consistent it is over the previous version. The weakness of this deck is that it isn’t blazing fast (it needs to get up to 15 gold) nor is it’s end game overly powerful. It is vulnerable to multiwound although putting harden out front can help a lot with that.

    If you wanted to go a route of just ramp to get the biggest most powerful things out that you can, I would suggest cutting the cheaper cards, particularly the 2 costing knights, since they can interfere with opening a john or a harden. Perhaps a list that looks like this:

    2 Evelyn
    1 Covar

    2 Oakley
    1 Arthur
    1 Cliff
    2 Kobi
    1 Commander

    Then add in:
    2 John
    2 Harden

    I see you also have a Flip and a Covar. They are a neat combination which I am sure is why you are running them. Since squire is applied before gamble, Flip can be 36 damage! That highly impressive for one unit. Of course you have to have the same number of units as your opponent. Although watch out, because defense can also be applied before gamble meaning a harden in front of a gambled Flip is 0 damage, not 6.

    The GOLEM deck seems much more focused but can still probably do for some trimming. I would first suggest getting rid of chal, he really is not very good. With frail at such a high cost, he is quite bad against wound, and his fireball is the only wounding in the deck, making it easy for the opponents to heal through it. I would suggest cutting doro, he is too expensive and you should have enough resource producers. If you have ino over rauny I would recommend it. Being cheaper and also having a defense is a big deal. You may also be able to cut down to one healer, particularly if you commander has healing on his back row because you can fairly easily make your golems un-woundable.

    Try a list of:
    1 Commander
    2 Rorth
    2 Loom
    1 Rauny
    2 Molo
    2 Varo
    1 Jacen
    2 Gaeis
    1 Ghaspers

    I have course haven’t tested any of these lists because I do not have all these cards, but I think if you just focus on trimming your deck size and removing the generally less powerful cards you should find higher win ratios.


    Here is my post on some very basic approaches to building a deck. The OP in that thread gives some much more lengthy details as well.

    At the first look, you could do well from focusing on bringing the size of both armies down quite a bit. Beyond that, read the above post. you may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

    Beings you have two Gaeis units, you’ll want to use one in the back for protection, while you put the other one in the front to get the bonus from the other golems. You also have to have enough continuous economy to keep buying a new gaeis each round.



    Thanks for all the great feedback everyone. Keeping decks small is a great piece of advice. My gold deck is a nightmare and I’m not going to play with it before it gets completely rearranged.

    The golem deck is now at 16 which is playing a lot better.

    The one thing I have to question is getting rid of the Doros. I know the cost is high but they provide back row defense and because they are golems too they allow me to slide them to the front row with a Gaeis in the front and one in the back.

    I am still getting wrecked by knight decks with a lot of buffs from the back row. I basically cap out at 68 which is good but not great. I guess that’s the tradeoff.

    One last question. At my stage of the game is there any reason to get booster packs for 200 or just wait to get the 400 gold packs?



    I always wait to buy the 400 gem pack. The guaranteed ultra-rare and chance at Legendary is more than worth the extra 200 gems over a guaranteed rare. I’m focusing on improving all decks tough, so I’m not sure if this is sound advice if you’re concentrating on one resource type over another.



    @quicksilver, with Covar, you can only gamble for 28, not 36 :(

    @huxxxx I don’t have much to add to what is already said, but I do hope reading my guide helps :D I generally go for 400 gems packs, now that I have all the commons, but I never really did get much into the 200 gem packs.

    Have fun re-making your primary!

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    I would definitely keep the Doro’s. With Gaeis being vulnerable to wounding, it can be extra useful to have some heavy defense in the back row.

    Currently I only own 1 Doro, and I even have him in my non Golem Crystal deck. He may be less resource efficient than a lot of producers, but you can still draw him on Turn 2 if you have at least one unit producing 2 Crystal on T1. Naturally, in Golem decks, he also has the advantage of buffing Gaeis’ Golem Surge as well, and for only costing 4 crystal, it’s a pretty good deal. You’ll often be able to use Doro to rush out a little extra damage in a pinch.

    Also, you may want to consider swapping one or both of your Rauny’s for Ino’s. The extra point of heal on Rauny can be nice, but having 1 heal and 1 defense on Ino can be even more useful in a lot of situations, More over, with Gaeis protecting your Golems, hopefully you won’t be having to heal quite as many units, so 4 healing shouldn’t be as necessary. Rauny’s 3 defense in front can also be a really great way of guaranteeing that your front row Gaeis doesn’t get wounded before he makes his move, but Ino’s 2 defense can often do the job just as well, especially if you put the Ino/Gaeis in a more unpredictable location.

    Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Ino can be drawn on T2 as long as you are producing at least 3 Crystal by then. Having a large percentage of your deck be purchasable on Turn 2 is a great way of avoiding striking out and being unable to hire anybody on Turn 2. It also opens up possibilities such as hiring 2 Ino’s, or 1 Ino and 1 Loom, if you are only producing 6 resources.

    All you need are a Tagon or two and you should have a pretty mean Golem deck.



    @impronoucabl whoops, you’re right. I was thinking Covar was 7 squire for some reason.

    For the Doro, you already have 7 attackers you want in your front row (commander, 4x golems, Gaeis, and Jacen). Putting Doro in your front row with a Gaies out is only 4 attack, which doesn’t seem worth it, you have better things to play.



    So here’s my deck now:

    The problem is I don’t really have a commander that fits this deck. I have one with 6 rampage and one with 2 spearhead. I really need to work toward a better commander. Here’s my commmander that I’m using:

    So, I am actually thinking about dumping my 2 Rorths. So that gives me 14 total. So my final setup would be the four golem fighters, Jacen, Doro, and a Gaeis in front , in back would be Doro, Gaeis, and a guaranteed Loom or Ghasper every turn. That means that I can basically ensure myself 8 crystal per round and ensure that a Gaeis would be in each draw of the deck at the end game.

    This thread has been really great, by the way. I would hope that other people would post their decks as well and we could talk about them.

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    I’ll post some of my decks later today or tomorrow.



    Do you have a Tempest? If so, I’d recommend using that unit. You need more big crystal producers because golems are pricey. At the very least, increase the amount of crystal that your commander generates. If you don’t touch his front row abilities, you could bring the crystal generation up to 4 (cost 6) and add one more to defense (cost 3) and not affect the price of your Commander. If you get the chance to change him to a Golem, you could do that for an additional cost of 1, bringing your Commander up to 11. That may or may not be worth it. OR, you could ditch the rampage for 2 arrow and use your commander to attack the back row. If you’re relying on him for resources, you’d probably want him in the back row early on, then transition to front row and hope you can kill off healers and Arthurs and protect your back row Gaeis.

    I also wouldn’t put as much stock in Ghasper. You’re investing 2 to get 4 next turn, but you HAVE to use that 4 or lose it. It’s risky and means that you have an unsteady economy. I personally would use them to either pull out Tempests or an improved commander (Ghasper turn 1 gives you 6, then purchase Tempest for more steady economy) or flood your deck with as many 2 generators as you can and ramp up your economy early on to afford those golems. Then you can use a Ghasper once you are at ten units in place of a 2 generator to help afford anything you may need. I certainly would avoid using them early on unless you either have no other choice, or if you have two Tempests in your deck.

    If it were me making that deck and I had no Tempests, I’d probably pull out one Ghasper, add two Mana, an Ino and a Pep. With one Tempest I’m not sure precisely what I’d do, but I’d definitely add it to the deck. With two, I’d keep both Ghaspers and dial back the 2 generators a bit, and add Ino.



    Here are the three decks that I’ve mostly used lately. They all tend to be a little bigger than I’d prefer (for some reason I always seem to end up at 21 units), but in general they all still function pretty well.

    My main Gold deck:

    I still only have 1 Stag, and 1 Lyon, or else I might try adding those into it somewhere. Hard to say though, it may be better with 1 Stag.

    Having Rowa and Harem in there obviously means that I’ll sometimes get some really bad starts, but it’s pretty hard to avoid that entirely in a Barbarian Rush deck. In general, it tends to do pretty well most of the time.

    Obviously wounding can mess it up pretty bad.

    My main Crystal deck:

    This is just a general hodgepodge Crystal deck. I started it shortly after I had gotten enough Crysal units to even try to make a competitive deck, and I had just gotten 2 Chal around the same time, so Chal has pretty much been the mainstay of the deck.

    It mostly focuses on quickly producing enough resources to bring out some of the expensive units, while wounding the enemies back row to slow them down. For a deck with so little focus it does pretty well.

    It’s also reflective of a resource strategy I’ve shifted towards lately. It has no tempests, and instead is focused almost exclusively on cheaper production units. A ton of cheap producers can still pull expensive units like Jimein, with the addition of being either more cost effective than a tempest, or having back row defense. The downside is that it bloats the deck a bit, but the upside is that I almost never strike out on T2.

    My main Wood deck:

    This is the main deck of mine that I’m most likely to abandon entirely. It used to be more of a general Blight rush, but recently it’s been changed a lot and is currently more of a testbed for me to mess with Lemore’s Reaper and an Arrow Commander (I’ll mess more with that when I’ve got a cheap Drain Commander).

    I like having at least one main deck in each faction, so I may replace this with the Dog deck I’m working on right now. I’m just not terribly thrilled with my Wood units lately, but we’ll see.



    Hi to everyone,

    these days I’m experimenting my new deck I created, thanks gem’s rain of last days (all achievements complete ;-))

    Mountain deck

    Hale x2
    Randal x2
    Vince x2
    Harden x2
    Johnn x2
    Jonas x2

    and my commander, sometimes it’s a 2 heal + 1 defence (back), 1 bolt front
    or my other commander, 3 defence + 1 heal (back) and 1 drain front

    It’s a classic gold deck:
    First three turns dedit to growing of economy and then using Rune and other mountain unit, supported with Laginn (when it’s the right time, I put him in front to show all his stone power).

    I think that one Randal and the Andor could be replaced by 2 Lapp, but unfortunately I still do not have any…have you got other suggestion?

    I noticed I’m particurarly suffering a bolt deck. Rune helped me to impact a fox or a dog rush, with good results…



    Do you have Herolds/Covars to replace Andor?

    Also, as a personal pref, I would replace Jonas with Flip (you know he’s gonna betray you eventually, why not gamble the proper way instead?).

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