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    In my current Mr Jones game (8 days and counting!) I started delivering to my castle crockpots and fire bread produced elsewhere. While the producers are being credited, I am not. Don’t need the gold (nya-ha-ha), but seems odd. Tried reloading the game, different browser even, to no avail.



    It’s been like that since the last big update (ie. it’s intended). If you don’t contribute anything to a good, you don’t get credited anymore, even if you sell it. It’s similar to how it used to be if you did transport only.
    If you hand the producers even one raw resource for the good though, like one food or one stone or something, you will get the full 80% trade bonus on the value of the final product.



    Yes, item ownership is determined entirely in factories now. The ‘owner’ of the item is the last factory’s owner. To get credit, at some point you must have contributed something to a factory. To get maximum shared credit, you must deliver all items that you’ve harvested or fabricated to a final factory owned by someone else.



    ok, thanks guys

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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