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    Heyoo forum;

    Stupid newb question. I just started HG last week. I spent my my first 400 gems on a Commanders Booster pack and did not get a single helpful unit (since, obviously, my only viable build is Gold w/ Titan Ridge – all I got were Crystal and Wood items that I don’t have the economy or backbone to use effectively).

    I am about to get to 400 again… should I be buying Core Booster until I have a nice collection of basic units? Other than Arthur and 2 Giants, I don’t have anybody who can attack for more than 4. My strategy is fairly long-term so I don’t want to just buy Gold Booster (but if you think I SHOULD buy Gold Booster so I can start winning more games, before I worry about my overall collection, let me know).



    Do you have 2 johns & 2 hardens? If not, get gold cores until you do. (Unless you wanna look even longer term & chance the drops from dailies) After that, if you really don’t mind playing weak rushes for a while (few months max), you can go core.

    Commander pack units can be found in core packs, so unless you’re looking for a specific unit from v1.40 ( or higher (, you’re better off getting core packs.



    I think you should stick to 200 gem boosters until you have at least every Common unit in the game, and hopefully most or all of the Uncommon units as well. Remember to switch which Faction boosters you are getting once you fill up on all of the commons and/or uncommons from one faction.

    Crafting should also be a part of your plan. My advice is to avoid ever crafting a unit until you have at least 50% of the units in the rarity class that you are using to craft with. When I say 50%, I mean 100% as being 2 of every unit in that rarity class.

    When you do start crafting, first craft nothing but commons. Then, when you have all of the commons in the game, use those commons to craft uncommons. Avoid crafting uncommons out of other uncommons until you have at least 50% of the uncommons as well.

    You can’t get mixed resource units from the 200 gem faction boosters, but you can get them from crafting and from goal reward drops.

    Once you have all of the commons at least, and perhaps all of the uncommons as well, you will have the foundations to build many more decks, enabling you to actually make use of a lot of the new rare/ultra rare/legendary units that you may get from Core and Commander packs.

    Like Impronoucable said, the Core packs contain every unit in the game, so they are generally a better choice unless you specifically want some units that are specifically in the Commander pack. You can also get those Commander units in the Core pack as well, but you are much more likely to get them in the Commander pack since the pool of units is much smaller in that pack. Commander packs also have a higher chance of dropping a Legendary, although personally I tend to like more of the Legendary units from before the Commander pack, so I can’t say I personally see that as a strong selling point. can help you see what percentage of units you have in each rarity. Just click the + button at the bottom of each unit that you have (add at least 2 for every unit that you have at least 2 of), and then check the percentages on this page



    Awesome. You were both very helpful, thanks so much.

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