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    City: The Helm (2g, 1c, 3r)

    list of units:

    2x Bin
    2x Mana
    1x Pep
    2x Lare
    2x Rauny
    2x Yaran
    2x Branan
    1x Tempest

    Game plan:
    Phase 1: Survive on health while your acolytes and other producers put out wizards.
    Phase 2: Fireball the enemy team while your acolytes soften them up and swing through.

    VS Wound, 2 Raunys can just about keep up, if you’re keeping the enemy team fireballed. Sometimes you’ll want their 3 Defense mode.
    VS Rush, sometimes you’ll need one or more wizards in front to buy time.

    Design choices:
    This is a very tight deck – minimum size, with a focused plan and hardly any toolbox. Nearly every card does two things for you. The expensive cards are almost all Crystal, so past the beginning you don’t need to worry much about resource balance and drawing the wrong color.

    Bin and Lare are required.
    Pep can easily become Durant (but never Kaite who’d interfere with your first turn).
    One or both Raunys can be Epherius, or in a pinch Ino.
    Mana can be Loom or Rorth.
    You’ve got some flexibility on wizards; Ekin in particular is very close to Yaran. Keep the Branans if possible, but enough Yarans can substitute if need be; you’ll just need Rauny more often.

    I expect if you have a Jade that might help; a little expensive for this deck, but very high damage plus some nice production.

    See also beardgrae’s SmAcolyte deck: Lare’s cost has changed, but it’s still an excellently tuned deck for folks with two Gage.



    I like it! Glad to see the Lare cost change opening up new acolyte deck styles.



    Also, I have to say I really dig the extent to which this deck is tuned. This is a topic near and dear to my heart.



    I have a similar deck to this, and I have a huge problem with Durant turn two.

    Many times I’ll have sold my bin for a lare for turn two, just to have it wounded by an enemy Durant, yielding no resource production for that turn. And it seems like at that point the game is basically lost. Any thoughts on how to counter this/bounce back?



    This is my Acolyte deck. It is not rare free. I hope it will help you, and i hope you can give me some advice, because it is still too slow. Basically what i do is to put on the field drake and then wizard to slow down the opponent, then i get acolytes switching Mana from front to back. As i said the deck is slow and doesn’t work well againt rushers.

    2 Lare
    2 Jade
    2 Mana
    2 Yaran
    2 Tempest
    2 Loom
    2 Drake
    2 Branan
    1 Ino
    1 Vitr



    I’d like to give this deck a more thorough analysis. For now, the first place I’d look is the big guys — cutting one or two of those expensive units down to 1 copy should help you draw playable units much more often.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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