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    I can’t believe there isn’t already a discussion of commander strategies. Let’s remedy that.

    As for me, I’m just getting started. /me leaves to level Lord.



    I guess it’s still just so much in the learning phase.

    Obviously things like dual bolt are pretty cool, but obviously they also aren’t going to be around for very long :D

    So I figure we keep this to combinations that they intended to be possible.

    Right now I’m running my Commander with 2 Wood and 2 Drain in front (2 gold in back, doesn’t matter). It’s like having a Drake in my wood deck, plus the extra front row healing from Drain and the two wood production. He costs 11, but that’s pretty easy to manage with a wood deck.

    I think wood is going to allow for some really powerful commanders. Pumping out several 20c units is nothing for wood.

    Right now I’m wanting to replace my front row wood production with defense. 3 defense would allow for some really awesome moves paired with Blight, allowing my commander to be in the first slot with Blight in the second, or to have Blight/Commander/Blight in the first three slots without worrying very much that the second blight won’t get to move.

    My guess is that the best Commander strategies will involve clever combinations of abilities with defense, as well as deadly use of special types such as Knight. Right now my Commander is a Dog, just because it was free and I have a few dogs in my wood deck.

    So do commanders cost the type of resource your city produces most of? Or can you use any resource type to buy a commander? If you can use any type of resource at all, I would imagine that hiring a commander with stolen resources could be a pretty deadly strategy in a crystal or mixed deck.



    Commanders DO cost the primary resource of your city (For some reason with shadow pylon commanders always cost gold though).

    I currently am using 3 attack 2 ramapge/ 3gold commander for my rush deck (it synergies sooooo well with atk squire).

    I’d imagine there’s a restriction to prevent any more than 2 abilities to be placed on either side, so I’d imagine the highest possible attack would be a “knight” type commander with rampage 6, attack 20. with Herold (& nothing blocking), that’d be 50 attack power by one (sort of) unit…..

    Considering that’s its rather unlikely it won’t be blocked, with 20 atk & 20 honor, that’d be 52 attack power.



    So my current commander costs 11, has 3 gold and 3 heal back, and 2 wood 2 drain front.

    My plan is:

    Cost: 12
    Back: 3 defense, 4 heal
    Front: 4 defense, 2 drain

    although I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stumble across all of that defense within the next 11 levels on my current commander. I may have to build him on a commander with a higher level cap. I’ve got Commander #2 unlocked, but I think I’m going to max the first one out first and see where I get it before trying anything with number 2. If it turns out well, great, if not I’ll try again with the second commander and maybe respec the first one.

    Once we can rename them, I’ll call him Mega Drake.



    My best commander so far has

    3gold (Back never use)


    cost 17

    Running him in a tight double spike deck.



    The first thing I noticed is that the Commander costs the most of either the back or the front abilities. Once you get a good front set up, you can start working on having something good for the back. For example, my quad-bolt commander costs 20. I have since increased his back to 3 drain (16) and 2 defense. According to the upgrade charts, I can have 9 defense (costs 4) in the back and still not push the cost of my Commander past 20.
    If my opponent reduces his front units to something small, I can pull my commander back and use my 3 drain on his back row. Combined with a drake this can wipe out a back row in a turn or two. This keeps the other player guessing as to whether to have a strong front or a strong back.



    I’ve just been going the free route and something is wonky.
    I’m 5 recruit +protect back, and 4 attack front and only cost 3.
    I actually took the +1 attack because i didn’t want him disrupting my first draw. Butttt yeah. so much for so cheap!



    that’s a pretty good deal!



    I went with drain for front row and recruit/crystal gen in back….I’ve since respec’d to +6 attack front and 1 heal/3 crystal back for 6 cost total. However, I miss my drain commander ;(



    Does transform ability cause the city health penalty for removing a commander from the field?



    No, transform is the only way to remove your commander from the field without losing health. Well, that and maybe matriarch. I don’t know about that one

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