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    I’m sure most players already know this by now, but for any new players I thought I’d give a bit of advice on coin management.

    Triple Town lets you spend coins to buy specific items (grass, bush, tree, etc) to help you as you play. There are many possible reasons to do so, but only a limited number of each kind of tile you can buy (except I think Undo, which is pretty cheap at only 75 coins). Because there’s a finite supply of items in the store, there’s effectively a limit on how many coins you can spend per game.

    First, I highly recommend buying the unlimited turns. It’s a one-time purchase and is well worth the cost.

    Then, play a few games without spending any coins. Don’t worry about your score or feel bad when things get out of hand. If you see an opportunity to spend a little (say, by buying a grass or bush tile to clear a lot of space when the map is nearly full) then go ahead, but make sure it keeps you in the game a lot longer. The idea is to spend as little as possible. When the game ends, you’ll be rewarded with coins, and if you haven’t been spending them, you should make a large profit. So far I’ve only played Standard games and Peaceful Valley games and found that Peaceful Valley games serve this purpose well since they eliminate bear attacks as a means of ending the game early. Just play a few games in this manner and you can save up for that all-out high-score attempt. You only need to save up so much since there is a limit to how many of each item you can use in a game. (It costs 14,200 coins to purchase all 4 crystals, all 4 imperial bots, all 7 trees, all 7 bushes, and all 7 grasses. You may want to save a bit extra to undo some moves if necessary, and if you’re playing on Peaceful Valley and find you don’t use the imperial bots very much, you can cut up to 4,000 off this total.)

    Of course, it’s important to remember as you play these low-budget games, not to just rush through them. Practice your strategies and techniques and try to last as long as you can. Play like you normally do, just don’t spend your coins. You want to stay sharp for those high-score runs, and you want to grow your town as much as you can to earn as many coins as you can. :)

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