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    Hello, is the cloud save feature in operation, for Android? I’m playing independent, parallel games on two Android devices. These are obviously not synced on your back end. Did I manage to create two games before you implemented cloud save fully? And please reassure me one of my games doesn’t suddenly sync with the other game, leaving me just one game running! :-) Or is cloud save just keeping track of my independent instances and refreshing to where I last left off regardless of which of my two independent instances I launch?

    A related question, sort of… is there any way to reset game progress to fresh start? Or is that something you all have to do manually for us AB addicts if we want to start all over from scratch? (I guess the workaround would be to uninstall the game and start with new Google Play Games credentials? Not exactly sure if that would work or not.)



    Regarding getting a fresh start, please see this page:

    Android cloud save is operational, and that same page also implies how it works. Basically, each device has its own game state saved locally on the device, and each Google+ account has a game state saved in the cloud. Whenever a device’s Alphabear installation talks to Google Play Games Service, we compare the playtime on the device to the playtime in the cloud. Whichever data has the higher playtime (theoretically if you’ve played longer then you’ve made more progress) overwrites the data with the lower playtime. Assuming that both your devices use the same Google+ account, this should mean that the device state with the most playtime gets propagated via the cloud state to the other device. If that’s not working, please email with the details (we do need more information on the cases where it’s not working).

    One known issue with Android cloud save is that sometimes game state in the clourd gets associated with the wrong playtime. E.g., an old game state from when I’d only played for 2 hours (and thus made only 2 hours worth of progress) is incorrectly labeled with a playtime of 9 hours. This game state would be bad to load–I’d lose 6 hours of progress if I used such data to overwrite a device state that had 8 hours of playtime–so when the game identifies this situation it doesn’t load the data. We are working with Google to investigate how this is happening, but Google needs a log file of the bad save being created (as opposed to the bad save being loaded) to understand what is going on. So, if you think you’re being affected in this way, please email so we can work with you to get the logging needed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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