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    Roughly 1 session in 3 I’m getting some sort of “clock error”, where the game thinks my clock is wrong and won’t let me play. Usually I return to the home screen and then re-open the app and can then carry on playing. Unfortunately in timed games the timer still ticks by in my absence so those games are write-offs.

    Needless to say, I’m not fiddling with my clock, my phone takes the time from the internet and seems right to me!

    Here’s my info in case that helps:

    1. Which version of Operating System is your device running? (iOS 5.0.x, Android 2.2.x, CyanogenModx, MIUI, etc.)
    Android 5.1.1

    2. Which model of device are you playing on? (iPhone 4, Acer Iconia a200, Samsung Galaxy S, Kindle Fire, etc.)
    Nexus 4

    3. Please send us the basic troubleshooting info described here:
    See screenshot here:

    4. Have you ever used Game Center or Google Play Games Services (leaderboards / achievements / cloud save / etc.) with Alphabear?
    Yes, loggged into GPGS when prompted

    5. Have you ever been able to play, or has the game always given you this problem? If you have been able to play, can you think of anything different between the times you could play and the times you could not?
    The problem is sporadic. Have had the problem on my Wi-Fi at home, on 3G, and, er, on the work Wi-Fi…

    6. Are you using ad-blocking software on your device? If so, do you still have the problem if you temporarily disable your ad blocker?
    Never used it

    7. Some devices allow you block mobile data on an app-by-app basis. Please confirm that you have not done this to Alphabear.
    Never done something like that

    8. Please let us know about anything that might be significant regarding your situation. E.g., “My employer blocks certain websites while on office Wi-Fi” or “I was on an airplane using the airplane Wi-Fi.”
    Can’t think of anything!


    This should now be fixed (or at least much improved) in version 01.01.03g, which was uploaded to Google Play in the evening of 2015-07-14. Please take that update if you have not already done so and then let us know if you continue to experience the problem.



    Yep, downloaded the update and haven’t had the issue since. Thanks!



    I am getting this error frequently on iPhone 5S. Can confirm I’ve got the latest version of the app and that IOS is up to date. I’m at work but the wifi isn’t blocked and seems to be working fine. Automatically logs into game centre. No ad blocking. No data restrictions. Definitley a problem with the app itself.

    Really love this game so hope you can fix this error!



    Last night, I updated to iOS 8.4, and now I’m getting this clock error too.
    It lets the game run for a minute or so… long enough to get to Bear Selection,
    and then “hi there, time to Quit The Game.”

    After paying $5, I’m starting to give some serious side-eye it its always-online, clock-checking demands.

    Over twitter, your company’s response was “that’s the only way we could make it work!” Which sounds an awful lot like saying “The new SimCity can’t possibly function without connectivity!” It’s a word game. I get it – the whole structure is around daily challenges. But if you verified my clock 3 hours ago, you can be pretty sure it’s the same day and the same challenges apply. Let it slide.

    Or, at least let a single round play out. If I’m on the train, and I go into a tunnel… Alphabear should not throw a conniption. If I switch to my mail, and then switch back, Alphabear should not throw up a “wait wait, gotta make sure you’re online” badger message. Once I’m in a board, finding words, your system should not be nosing around for my internet connection.

    This may sound like armchair game dev, but it’s really just a customer who paid for your game, likes your game, but cannot play anymore. And I suspect it’s because you made completely avoidable, bad-faith F2P design choices.

    Is there a fix? Since it doesn’t seem to save my progress to the Cloud (despite the always-on demands, hmph), I don’t want to delete the app and end up back at square one.

    MJD (@crunchnoisy on twitter)



    Update: After some phone restarts, the Clock Error stopped. Not very scientific, but there it is.


    We have submitted a fix for the iOS clock error, but it will take an unknown amount of time (usually 0-2 weeks) to get through Apple’s certification process. It is the same problem that Android users had; however since our iOS releases lag behind the Android releases, Android users both got the bug first and got the fix first.

    >> Update: After some phone restarts, the Clock Error stopped. Not very scientific, but there it is.

    I’m glad that you’re no longer experiencing the problem; however, I wouldn’t be surprised if the problem recurred in a few days.



    Good to hear a fix / update for iOS is on the way. I shall look forward to uninterupted play.


    FYI, the fix for the iOS clock error was released on 2015-07-25. Please take the update (v01.03.00i) if you have not already done so.

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