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    This morning I’ve tried on my home computer and my work computer and it sits at “Loading World” indefinitely. My wife (in the same map) is also having the issue from work. Silaero and AriannaMae are our in game names.



    In case anyone is curious, I just tried it again (and have been trying it periodically) and it still hasn’t worked itself out.



    This isn’t me being impatient, this is just me letting you know it’s still happening. Since it doesn’t seem to be intermittent, I won’t post any more and let you just assume I still can’t play until I say otherwise.



    it’s affecting me too by the way, same game I think. name HigeKun.

    anyone else?



    Same Issue

    Prince Name: Kreugar
    Game Time shows: 14 hours 29 minutes vs. The Mr. Sophisto

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    let’s see.. I had a neighbor in game, some unusual name such as Ised8m (I remember because I couldn’t puzzle out what it was supposed to mean) so that’s probably another user you can check.

    That’s odd, mine says 19 hours and 20 minutes vs The Mr. Sophisto.

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    pretty sure Ised8m was in my game as well



    Got this issue too now on a game of Ye Dark Lorde. It’s loading forever, never entering. It was fine an hour ago. :/ I can still enter my other game fine.



    I am also locked out. Tried with multiple browsers. 24 hours and counting.

    BTW ISED8M… come on, not that hard….I sedate em



    So a mentor game popped up when I reset my browser and I was able to play that fine, but still locked out of the game I am tied too. :(



    Still locked out this morning



    Have patience guys. I’m aware that you are irritated by the fact you can’t access your game, which is by now probably ruined, considering you lost more than a day in game, hence loosing a star or 2.



    (As far as I heard, the devs are on it, but the team is struck by summer vacation disease this week and thus stretched a bit thin ;) )



    Hi Guys,

    Sorry for our slow response. Combination of away time and other work time. But new version up. Thanks for reporting and please let us know if you still have problems.




    Yay, I’m in ^_^

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