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    I only started playing recently and don’t have enough cards to make something based on type or theme. As such I decided to try something for the sake of resource production. It’s pretty clear that you want to open with Resource production in a basic deck, unless you run a bunch of weenies, but even then that has to win fast or be trounced late game. This is just what I came up with due to what I own, I’m sure there are more effective ways to build something similar.

    Anyway, here’s the build:

    Outfitter: 2 Gold production, 1 Wood production and 3 Recruitment

    2x Mull
    2x Johnn
    2x Harden

    1x Kobi
    1x Stag
    1x Hale
    1x Herold
    2x Oakley
    1x Grom
    1x Arthur

    It is counter-intuitive to run Outfitter when I only have Mull, but realistically speaking, in a newbish match the victory goes to whoever opens with the best rescource production. Mull is what I disband most often. If I had anything worth putting in my deck that would use Wood, I would. Just got a couple of foxes and wolves that have Pack effects.

    Not keen about going above 14 as all I need is the 8 for my front row in additon to the money makers.

    The advantage of this is it’s simplicity, which means it has good reliability. Being simple is also it’s primary weakness, though; I have nothing to counter with, or to harrass.
    I could run Durant and I probably will test him a bit more, but having a 14 unit deck makes it smooth and while Durant is a fine unit he simply isn’t needed.

    Then there’s the complete lack of healing. That’s the real problem. Had a match before where Rune broke my Oakleys(those were some damn fine sunglasses, too). Putting one healer doesn’t cut it and 2 stretches the deck too much for my liking, so I basically aim to avoid getting hit by Wound too badly and defend the best I can against it. I do have Epherius, so healing is a possibility, but it’s one I would rather avoid. Gernt’s another option but not sure about him in this deck, either.



    You need Durant for his back effect. You want the extra recruit.



    That’s funny, I thought I was the one who determined what I ‘want’. I am aware he can provide recruitment, but I own a copy of Kaite if I want that. I prefer her in terms of efficeincy, though that does drop the option of sniping. I’ll try both, just been testing Gernt atm.



    I mean you want him for his recruit as opposed to his sniping.

    Durant can’t be drawn first, which is an advantage over Kaite.



    also add in all other knights you have (if any) for arthur



    Oh yeah. Taking out Stag and Oakleys for more Knights would help you out a lot. You’ll get prepped a lot faster.



    I only have the campaign Knights; not enough to merit putting Arthur in back row and add them to deck. As is it’s simply not as much field potential, and a rush deck isn’t viable for me right now. Adding Tarim and Ramm would simply decrease the likelihood of drawing into resource gainers. I prefer to simply front row Arthur if I can afford him. That leaves my focus on establishing rescources early.

    Raijin, in regards to Durant, I find his power lies in duality. What I meant by ‘sniping’ is that he can jump to the front row to hit large farmers when needed. That makes him much more useful than most Arrow units as your opponent can’t tell what he’s up to. I’m running one atm, over Kaite, partially because I have Rohk now(meaning Durant has added worth in being a 3 cost target).



    Four Knights are enough to make it count, over Oakleys and Stag.

    If you draw a Ramm first turn, and you put him in the back, you can sell him for two Johnn/Hardens next turn. If you have Tarim and put him in the back, then you might have a chance of Mull+Harden, or just Durant. The decreased early production can be made up for via the decreased cost for max attack.



    Oakley = 9. Tarim/Ramm + Arthur in back row = 7. I’m not worried about the cost of max attack so much as the power of max attack. If I get to end game and my opponent has more power there’s not much I can do, but very rarely am I threatened by early game losses.

    I’ll try the weenie knights in place of Oakleys, but it will mean less power late game. There’s also the issue that you actually need all 4 knights for Arthur to be worthwhile in back row. One less and you want him in front. Testing will show the truth of it either way.



    Oakley’s only 8, and if you really need the extra power, maybe try a squire, or wounding with Jonas. Are you sure you don’t want Jonas?



    Yeh, he costs 9, not 9 strength; oops. I don’t have any squires other than Herold. I already use him. I prefer to use the cheap rescource guys than run Jonas. If I want Wound I’ve got Payne. I’ll try him. Thinking of dropping Stag. Sometimes he’s great, and without rampage he’s not so bad, but I don’t find myself liking him as much as Kobi, for example.



    Kobi is an end game unit, while stag is a mid game unit. Stag is fantastic early on, and his defense is nice once your opponent’s line catches up to yours, but for the cost he just doesn’t swing hard enough once both players have 7 in front.

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