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    Sadly, I still see “throw the resources in a blender and see what comes out” methods. My current game has two players using the blender system, and one just throwing things in shops and not bothering beyond that point.

    I’m not sure if this is a solvable problem.



    It is way cheaper to use the blender method. I don’t even bother with the recipedia anymore except to deal with bosses. Too many factories are required for way too little money.



    Cheaper, sure. But how much gold does a blender earn per leap day? My starting setups aim for 600 at the worst, and generally hit 800 to 1200. The starting setup defines when I get to expand, and when I get to rebuild for higher income.

    Most blenders I’ve seen are starting around 400 gold per leap day.



    I usually start out crafting with a purpose (I’m used to the old system), and was able to get around 700 with what little resources I had on my land. Since we have a museum now, I figured I’d try saving my layout, and start throwing everything into a 2-stage blender (and moving homes around to reduce junk output). To my disappointment, I was able to get around 900, which is more than what I had before when I tried to craft deliberately.

    When I did expand, I changed to a more purposeful layout. But yes, starting out, the blender system does seem viable (if you tune it correctly).

    And as a note: the blender system seems more expandable as it allows you to throw more homes into the system as you get more funds.



    I think a big reason why the Blender system works out for some people is that crafted goods are no longer worth as much compared to the base resources. I find that when I deliberately try to craft something (spyglasses, busts, mahna mahna, etc), I tend to make use of only 75%-80% of the resources I have on my land.

    Meanwhile, throwing everything into a blender allows you to use 100% of the resources on your land.

    Just an observation.



    A two-stage blender? First time I’ve heard of that. All things considered, that might have an advantage if it’s properly tuned.



    Oh sorry. By two-stage blender, i mean… feed everything into a giant loop which feeds a factory, and then feed the outcome of that factory into another factory. You’ll get junk… but if you tune it so that you don’t end up with junk, you end up with a bunch of tier 2 goods made from every resource you have on your land.



    Oh, I understood what you meant – I just didn’t realize anybody did such a thing. You are unique in my experience, at least as far as proper tuning goes. I’ve seen people try it, and turn in junk over half the time, but I’ve never seen anybody take the time to generate worthwhile product.



    the Leap Day Goods xml – and indeed the entire site – appear to be down.



    I have an additional concern. I’m trying the new game and learning as I go. But I have to say that the new chat is a mixed blessing.

    While I appreciate everyone being able to communicate in one place.

    I can no longer collaborate with my neighbours unless we are online at the same time. I used to drop a phone booth on the border and leave a message. Now I leave a message and it gets crushed under all the other chats by the time the neighbour logs on.

    I have no solution but here is a suggestion, if you could watch for the same @username like in these forums and then let a user jump to the last chat referencing their name. Then at least a) they would be notified that someone was talking to them specifically and b) even if it was a a while ago they could easily navigate to that message.

    Just my two cents.

Viewing 10 posts - 46 through 55 (of 55 total)

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