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    @zerack (or anyone else who is interested): Check out That should automatically stay updated with the latest changes as we make them.

    We’ll clean up the factory usage shortly. The initial intent is that Misers (renamed) will become a permanent item. One significant goal has been to get rid of wildcards but we can likely re-fold 3 and 5-input factories into this structure for the more advanced play.




    @colemanpants – You are officially my hero. I’ll try and get everything updated ASAP.



    Are the product prices fixed or they depend which factory: small or this new one I use (2 or 3 ingredient)?
    Couse I have different income: When I use only miser factory spyglass gives just 61, when I change last one for small factory price goes to 92.

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    I believe that miser factories still work they way they used to – that is, they reduce the value of the good produced by 33%. This might be changing with the building changes, but that would explain the 92 -> 61 difference.

    @colemanpants – There are some errors in the XML file that are also reflected in game. The following items have a correct key value, but an incorrect display name, which is resulting in the wrong name being displayed in game:

    1. Shadow Earrings
    2. Glowing Earrings
    3. Porcelain
    4. Gunship
    5. Hair Elixir
    6. Wine of Joy
    7. Earrings

    Hope that helps!

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    Zerack’s finding there re: the xml file lines up with the duplicated item names that were discovered in the making of Ezra’s spreadsheet:

    1., 2. and 7.: Display name for all: Magic Buns (Rings+Rings; Mana+Cinnamon Rolls; Glowing Amulet+Glowing Sceptre; Shadow Amulet+Shadow Sceptre)
    4.: Display name: Ceremonial Float (Idols+Shrines; Gunpowder+Rowboat)
    6.: Display name: Potion of Undeath (Potion of Life+Potion of Death; Potion of Joy+Sweet Wine)
    3.: Display name: Pottery (Fired Bricks+Fired Bricks; Pottery+Pottery)
    5.: Display name: Wine of Death (Potion of Life+Hair Cream; Mulled Wine+Death Powder)



    Thanks Zerack. I didn’t realize. Now my question is this 1/3 cut stays or will be changed when all recipes are two elements only. And prices in Recipedia refers to what: new one, old one, two or three ingredients product?



    Thank you for finding the typos! Those should be fixed in an upcoming build.



    So I have to say that in terms of the new recipes being made to reduce confusion, having all recipes require 2 ingredients and then having the default factories have 3 slots is pretty confusing. I would almost be in favor of having miser factories be the default, with normal factories being the special ones with “worth 50% more” as their bonus.



    @ruthka – I haven’t been in the game, but here’s what I’ve done: The prices in _my_ Online Recipedia are pulled straight from the XML. this should be the proper “full” value of the item. I believe this matches what is displayed in the in game recipedia, and when the item is crafted using a standard (3-slot) factory. So, using miser factories will result in _less_ than what is displayed in the recipedia, at least for now.

    @singularty – My understanding from dev posts is that miser-style 2-slot factories are going to become the default, and I would assume this includes the removal of their value penalty. Whether three slot factories (or whatever incarnation they end up in) provide a value _bonus_ isn’t something I’ve seen reference to.



    While we’re pointing out typos, Daniel, y’all know the recipes for Necklaces, Shields, and Hammers show wrong in-game?



    Are pink flamingos intended to require half the resources (32) of statues (64)? If so, Jones seems quite simple. Even as is, it seems quite simple with flamingos/statues previously requiring 125 resources. I wonder if there is room for another tier on top (128). Even 256 is not out of the question as a super-statue. Previously 625 would have been a bit much, with large factories.



    It does look like we’re missing something in the Pink Flamingo line, doesn’t it? The flamingo’s in the middle of the Busts, not the Statues.



    I really enjoyed this game alot. I am not liking some of the new changes though. When you first start a game you basically just have to play a waiting game to do anything more than in initial set up. $300-$500 gold per LD takes for ever to build up into anything really usable. Maybe once the miser factories are available to everyone it will be different. As it currently sits, 3 berries equals 30. To make a bread with a regular factory equals 30. There is no benefit to spending money on a factory. I also haven’t seen much value in trading with others right now. The new recipes will be good and the smaller factory is cheaper than the 5 large one which is great. We just need access to the 2 slot factories.



    @raetonycass: With a release tomorrow, you should have the miser factory as your default factory.



    Having played around some with crafting with the new miser factory, I’m pleased! If we get it in a base slot with a +0 cost, I now think the new regime will be a solid net improvement.

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