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    I was in the middle of modifying my setup attempting to get a 3rd Porcelain bust, and I got alot of error spam. I attempted to reset my browser first, but it’s stuck at loading. I attempted to go into a mentor game as well but that isn’t working either. Someone else from my game cannot get in as well.

    Prince name is Flincae
    Buteros is the other prince that can’t get in either.

    Game is Disco Queen



    Other players in the map:




    eventually i get the following error:

    Header: “game startup error”
    text: “disconnected during launch”
    button: “OK”



    Confirmed that I’m having the same issue. I also got a popup for a new mentor game, but clicking accept didn’t take me into the game or even add it to my list of current maps. Scrolling seems to work fine, as does password recovery (is there another way to change passwords other than that?). Looks like the problem is confined to logging into maps.



    Buteros reported that he is able to log into mentor maps started prior to crash.



    Flincae: This is why we can not have nice things.



    I was able to get into a mentor game if i chose it before trying my regular game after resetting.



    I’ve let the devs know about it. I’m not sure when there will be a fix. Appreciate the alert.



    Thanks Daniel. We’re jonesing to finish this map (or at least what we were doing)


    Cake of Pain

    It should load properly now.




Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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