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    Thanks for introducing this game I am fall in love with bushido bear unique game play.

    I have unlocked all Bears and Trail and also reached all 4 stages with 80 waves ++ in leaderboard.
    Currently I have nothing more to achieve and just farming some coins for future update release.
    Hope dev can introduce more game achievement or items for players to achieves

    There are a lot potential on expending this game, below show my humble opinion:
    1) Suggest to change bushido bear game mode from survival mode to stage mode so player will not get bored by repeating the same actions and facing same monsters every day.
    2) Suggest to add more in game items which will increase bear stats or add levelling feature to enhance bear stats
    3) Suggest to introduce event (E.g.: Double Coins drop rate) by rewarding or attract players.
    4) Suggest to reward players who are in leaderboard by a daily or weekly basis to attract player

    Hope to see more major update on Bushido Bear


    Best Regards




    Also hope to see some major change on the quest rewarding system. The rewards are always the same no matter how many quest set we completed daily.

    Thanks. =)



    >>Hope dev can introduce more game achievement or items for players to achieves

    We were already doing this, but version 01.02.01 introduces some new swords to collect. It is now live on both iOS and Android. (The iOS version just went live today. It will hopefully be available to you in the next 12 hours if it isn’t already available. The Android version has been live since late last week.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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