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    1) When I invite someone, and that person sees the invite in their game window, but then joins a different game, it clears the invite for both inviter and invitee without notice (tested true). Is that intended behaviour?

    If so, I would like to ask rethinking that, please.
    The following situation has happened to me a couple of times in the past two or so weeks:
    Both my heirs were in a game – one in a high-level game for srs bzns and the other in a low-level for relaxation. One of the games is only a short time to completion. Upon loading the lobby, I get notified that I have been invited. Being a curious flan, I abandon the low-level game to check and see that it’s for another high-level game by a player I like, but neither know outside of Leap Day nor on the forums.
    I’d like to accept the invite for good or at least go see how I can help them out for a bit, but figure another hour or so won’t hurt – so I re-enter my low-level game (alternatively: i want to throw out extra golden goods from my vault space or do some upgrades in peace and quiet before diving into the game I’ve been invited to, so join a completely new map for a few).

    As planned, I return to the lobby with a free prince within the next hour or so, but lo and behold, my invite is gone. Sadface all around. :(

    As an alternative to “putting it back how it was” so that the invite doesn’t get cleared, I could imagine any of the following:
    – Put the name of the inviter and the game in question into the “you have been invited” popup on loading the lobby. Then I don’t have to abandon any games to check and I can mentally prepare myself while doing any upgrades in the games I’m currently in.
    – At least give me a warning when I try to join a different game than the one I’ve been invited to that this will clear the invite. In turn, inform the inviter that the invitee has “joined a different game” or something like that.
    – Give me a “Decline” button for the invitation and only clear it if I press that.

    2) Secondary complaint about current invite mechanics:
    The difficulty level of the game I have been invited to gets blocked by the invite, so that if I don’t want to accept it, I can’t join a different game of the same difficulty. Say I get invited to a Hard game and don’t want to join, no Hard games get displayed at all while the invite is active.

    3) I’m unsure of the behaviour with two active invites at a time, but I have a hunch I would only be able to see one (at the very least if they are for different games of the same difficulty). If that’s true, please consider it complained about.



    4) One more for completeness sake: Joined inviters and abandoners are still not recognized properly by the game.
    If I invite two people to a game, and one of them joins, I can not put up another invite – it will still tell me I can only have two active invites at a time, so it’s obviously not registering the joiner properly. (Presumably reloading might fix this.)
    If I am online and someone else in the game abandons, their name and a directional arrow to their palace will still be displayed until reloading (the palace itself will properly show as vacant).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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