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    Hi Guys,

    As soon as we finished the map, the game decided that we should all be booted from the game. After reloading the page none of us can load the map, but can load onto other maps such as mentor games or other heirs.

    Unfortunately, none of us had the presence of mind to generate an observer link so, all I have is this: http://imgur.com/HOZRpxG

    Players in game:
    and more!



    Same problem here
    Our world is called “The Ghost of Cougarina”.. And after a week of work, we can’t load the city anymore !

    Players in game :
    and more..

    Please help us :)

    Thank you



    The second game looks to be working again.



    still cant load city…but I got the damned spyglass done! :)


    Sorry about this. We are having some server issues and are looking into them.



    hi, since yesterday, i can’t join my currently game…
    i remember i was on a map with :
    – tchou82 (me)
    – Garmichael
    – Zabex
    – …



    thanks ! problem solved, city loaded !



    So what, is our Disco Queen the last game that’s stuck still? How about the OP’s Lorde? Any others?



    The OP Lorde is resolved. Now I believe only our Disco Queen is the last game that is stuck. If it is difficult to repair, I’d be thrilled with just being released from that game. Some players in it are qubits, Flannigan, oscan, Garmichael, Clinton.



    There is a slight…. sliiiight possibility that I may have somehow screwed up that Disco. When the server had its stroke, I was in the middle of a boredom induced PAVE ALL THE LANDS! where I was filling up my land with paths to see how flans would react to it.



    Oh and I’d be fine with it being scraped too. I’d also be fine if I could get my weeks worth of Golden Absinthe I’m due out of it too! :)



    Prince Peter is also stuck, in case that helps you locate a problem map…


    @qonen or others – are you folks still unable to get into that Disco Queen map?

    @dornbeast – is Prince Peter still stuck in whichever map he’s stuck in?

    @anyone else – is anyone else still unable to get into their games?

    Unfortunately at this point we may just have to boot you from the maps; we haven’t heard for certain from the company that runs the servers, but we were under the impression that things were all fixed (in which case it would no longer be a server problem but something more complicated).



    Yes, Prince qubits is stuck in that Disco Queen map. As far as I know only that map is stuck and everyone posting here with unresolved trouble is in that map.



    Please do boot us from that Disco Queen if you can (complete list of participants: qubits, Flannigan, oscan, Clinton, Garmichael, Peter) – we really just want our princes back at this point :(

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)

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