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    After trying out lots of decks using my Brodies I finally made one which is pretty good.
    It uses the outfitter and it can get a Brodie out in 3d turn.
    It’s a fun deck because it uses some characters that you don’t see a lot in the game (Fedor, Jeremiah, Goose).
    It only uses Brodie’s front attack + flare, so it’s no fighter deck.


    Remi x2
    Diug x2
    Ob x2
    Kil x2

    Jeremiah x2
    Fedor x2
    Goose x2

    Brodie x2
    Finch x2

    Any tips on how to improve it?
    Win ratio is pretty good at the moment, also against top 20 players.
    Been thinking about losing Finch because I don’t use him most of the time.



    why not replace finch with Tavi for some extra disruption/late rampage?



    Yep, Tavi would be great. But I don’t have him yet..



    you’re currently running 6 (SIX) guardian units. It’d really suck to take 2 damage………imo.



    so I built a similar list and I would agree that that many guardian units gets kinda dicey. I only have one jeremiah so him plus 2 brodies is all I have. Tavi helps this deck immensley (especially since your general is gonna cost gold… eye roll) but Hammot is another guy to consider I like his 2 defense front row and he helps both sides of your economy. Roko is also good because with all that flare you’ll need some double healing



    I agree, the six guardians were too many.
    I now deleted the Fedors from the deck and replaced them with Hammots.

    Was thinking about adding Rucke as well.



    since you don’t have Tavi I can see Rucke working as a fill in. What is your General like?

    here is my list
    Remi x2
    hammot x2
    diug x2
    Jeremiah (I only have one, want another)
    Brodie x2
    Tavi x2
    General (front drain 2 Paladin 2 back drain 2 fireball 2) all the healing options work great with flare. another option would be high shield/heal backrow



    I am currently not using a General in this deck.
    I have one which I use for Siege decks (2 Rampage/2 Attack / Cost 4), that might be handy.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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