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    The receipt for Bracelet in the game appears to be 2x gems of any kind, but must not bring junk. Basically same with the ring. I’m guessing it is still 2x Earrings, but the receipt is shown wrong.



    The LeapDay goods XML reveals that the recipe is now;

    1 Earring
    3 Rings
    2 Distinct Gems

    From what I see, in the in-game recipedia it appears identical to ring (2 gems),
    however when placing the shop all five ghost goods hover above it.

    A bug in the recipedia.



    All six hover above it, rather. L0 Bracelet, together with a handful of upgraded recipes, are the first recipes since I started playing to accept more than five ingredients. (L5 Shadow Crown does seven.)

    (For XML-divers, I wonder if this means we’ll be seeing Swords et al. soon?)


    As you mentioned, there was a bug with Recipedia displaying the requirements for Bracelets and one other recipe that required both distinct gems and crafted items. The Bracelet recipe has been changed (1 x Earrings + 4 x Rings), as has the other recipe, to avoid that situation and we believe that things should be working again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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